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Madame Jocelyn was Dominique Thiebaut's acrobatic and combat instructor upon the attempted abduction of Dominique. She trained the young girl for hours every day until Dominique perfected each tasks assigned to her. After Dominique yelled at her father when he accidentally distracted her, thus braking her concentration, Mr. Thiebaut dismissed Jocelyn believing she was becoming a bad influence upon his daughter.
Before Jocelyn could be formally dismissed by Dominique's father, he and Michel died under mysterious circumstance and she was named Dominique's guardian. The duo began performing mercenary assignments, during which Dominique was drugged and then cybernetically enhanced by the Cyberdata.
Investigating a room at Cyberdata Dominique discovered her long thought dead brother. Madame Jocelyn then appeared and admitted to killing her father, abducting her brother and being behind her induction to Cyberdata. Madame Jocelyn also revealed that she was not powerless and during a scuffle between mentor and student something flammable was ignited just as Michel was coming around. Dominique believed her brother truly dead now but he survived with a hatred for his sister.

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