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A brilliant scientist Kanoto Yoshimuta is away from her family working to develop weapons for the Japanese government during World War II when Hiroshima, the place of her birth, and then Nagasaki where her husband and two children live, are destroyed by the first two atomic bombs used on humans.

Driven by bitterness she spends the next 18 years using her knowledge of science to build an arsenal while plotting her revenge against America.

In 1963 she strikes by unleashing radioactive zombies on an American city, this first attack is stopped by American FBI agent Smith Beffort , and agent for the Japanese government Yosho Akamatsu, with the aid of French scientist Dr. Alan Soblen.

Stopped, but able to escape, Kanoto Yoshimuta, who now calls herself Madame Atomos, continues her attacks with such things a giant spiders in Texas, fast growing deadly giant mushrooms, a madness-inducing ray, flaming tornadoes, harmless sea creatures turned into monsters, and other brilliant but horrifying ploys.

Already in her 50s when she began her mission after three years of being defeated by her trio of enemies she begins to worry about dieing before she can succeed and so creates a 20 year old clone of herself whom she calls Miss Atomos.

Grooming her to continue her fight, Madame Atomos is shocked when after one of her battles with her adversaries Miss Atomos is captured by them and in time not only turns to their side, but falls in love and marries her chief opponent Smith Beffort,  Miss Atomos then changes her name to Mie Azusa and vows to use her equally brilliant mind to appose her revenge obsessed progenitrix

Taking another route to insure the continuation of her battle Madame Atomos is able make herself grow twenty years younger and then is able to kill Dr. Soblen.

Now opposed by Smith, Mie and Yosho the battle continues, the grimmest turn being when Madame Atomos kills Mie and Smith’s infant son.

While the battle continues on until 1971 and beyond, the chronicle of what happens to the four enemies is unrecorded as, shortly after it is learned that Madame is developing working flying saucers, the records of the saga ends still unresolved.      


Starting as a series of paperback books written by André Caroff (pseudonym of André Carpouzis) from 1963 to 1970 (when the company publishing them went out of business) the saga of Madame Atomos and associates began to be translated into comic form in 1968 by Arédit   French publisher of Marvel and DC with a digest comic by the title of Atomos.    

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