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Character Evolution


Mim's Dress

Mad Madam Mim is not a very attractive woman, at least in her original form. In her real form, Mim appears as an elderly woman, with lavender hair and an old dress and depending on the version, is different colors. The color of the dress usually revolves around strong pinks, and deep blue's or purple's. She can however, change her form. These forms vary between a cat, a dragon, a pretty young woman, and more. While she may change her physical state into another being, her color scheme stay's the same, very similar to Merlin. Her color stays a true hot pink with purple attributes.


Mim's personality is just as offensive as her appearance. While she may appear friendly and sweet to the untrained eye, she is really very mischievous and evil. She loves causing trouble, and especially enjoys scaring other creatures. She loves to kill things as well, like she was attempting to kill Merlin, or the flower she wilted with ease. Mim also appears to be quite vain, often stating she was the most powerful wizard. She likes to cheat as well, as seen in her Wizard duel with Merlin.

Powers & Abilities

Glamours: Mad Madam Mim has the ability to change her appearance. In the movie, she makes herself look very ugly, then very beautiful. This power, like her others, works in a considerable amount of time.

Shape-Shifting Into A Cat

Shape-Shifting: This is the most prominent magical ability shown by Mad Madam Mim. She changes into different creatures such as a hen, dragon, and hawk. She has mastered this element of magic well, as she fluidly changes states.

Other: She doesn't show many other abilities, but the main other abilities is to wilt flowers.

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