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Three separate men took on the role of the Mad Hatter over the course of Zenescope's wonderland series.

Jack the Ripper

Jack flees the police.

The first Mad Hatter, who brought the signature 10/6 top hat to Wonderland. He was a doctor and serial killer. While fleeing the police in England during the late 19th century he was transported to Wonderland through the mirror. There he encounters a beautiful young girl named Lily, whom he saved from the Cheshire Cat. Before long the two fell in love and built a life together there. Their happiness was short lived, after the Queen of Hearts's scouts found and then captured them.

Jack (going by the name John) was locked and manacled in the Queen's dungeon. He was kept there and tortured repeatedly for many years. Finally he gathered his willpower and broke his chains, determined to save Lily. To escape he murdered and skinned a fellow prisoner, wearing his skin as flawless disguise. This begins the Mad Hatter tradition of wearing skin suits. After escaping he observed, from hiding, the Jabberwocky tear apart and then reform Lily as one of the living flowers of Wonderland. Jack then vowed revenge and escaped into the forest.

Drake Liddle

Drake arrives in Wonderland.

The second Mad Hatter, from the late 20th century. Drake was a fireman, husband, and seemingly loving uncle from Los Angeles. Secretly however, he molested his nephew Johnny on fishing expeditions alone with the boy. After one of these excursions Johnny confessed his uncle's crime to his grandfather ( Charles Dodgson). That night when Drake went visit his father, Charles accused him of pedophilia and thrust him through the mirror into Wonderland.

In Wonderland, Drake found himself trapped between the March Hare and a wall of undead corpses. He was grabbed by the wall and bargained with the hare for his aid. The hare freed him from the wall and in exchange he offered him the 10/6 hat and sends him on a quest to fetch a girl named Lacie. Drake then wandered the jungle for months, becoming exhausted, and ever more insane. He came across a mirror and there, speaking with his reflection, finally gave up and gave in to Wonderland. In doing so he was able to don the mantle of the Mad Hatter and inherited all of the previous hatter's skin suits. Months later he returned to March Hare and the tea party with Lacie and declared himself leader of the little group.

Years later, when Calie arrived in Wonderland, she fled the Cheshire Cat and ended up at Drake's door. He answers in a handsome disguise, offering her hospice. But instead of safety he deceived, drugged, and then attempted to rape her. She escaped and thoroughly beat him-- seemingly fatally.

Johnny Liddle

Johnny discovers his father's affair.

The third Mad Hatter, from the early 21st century. Johnny was corrupted at young age by his uncle Drake, who molested him. Growing up he developed into a budding sociopath: fascinated with death and killing small animals. What truly broke his mind though was his mother Alice's suicide. After finding out her death was a result of his father participating in an affair with a prostitute, he murdered his father. On learning this his sister, Calie, sent Johnny through the mirror to Wonderland-- hoping the sacrifice would satiate its thirst.

In Wonderland, Johnny found his uncle Drake. Now the Mad Hatter, Drake captured Johnny and imprisoned him with Lacie. Escaping his bonds, Lacie asked him to end her suffering. Using the Ebony Blade, he did as she asked and then took revenge on his uncle as well-- using the Ebony Blade again to ensure final death. With the Mad Hatter dead, Johnny leaves his uncle’s house with the Ebony Blade in tow.

During the events of Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass Johnny encounters the spider-snake and while running through the creature’s tunnels comes across a girl named Adina, who was ensnared by the monster. After rescuing her they flee the creature together. Following the promises of the Ebony Blade, Johnny and Adina follow its instructions hoping to escape Wonderland.

Their travels bring them to the Queen of Hearts' castle where they encounter the Red Queen and her son, the King of Hearts. The next clue, from the "crazy gavel bird", leads them to the Forest of Signs. The Ebony Blade urges them to eat the fruit of the Black Tree, and once they do they get sucked into the fruit's pit and spat out in front of Keres's castle. Johnny leaves Adina behind and follows Keres to her room where she attempts to seduce him. He rejects her advance and barters his future for the looking glass before leaving the castle with Adina.

The pair is welcomed by the people of Remington for giving them the news of the Queen of Hearts' disappearance. Their welcome wears out when Johnny is discovered by the Duchess to have killed one of her newborn pigs to anoint the looking glass leading her husband, Carl, to attack Adina. Carl tosses Adina across the yard where she lands unconscious and bleeding on the cobblestones. Johnny sees her and thinking her dead, he snaps and slaughters the entire village. Adina wakes up and Johnny claims a monster killed the townspeople but he managed to fight it off. She believes him and they flee Remington for their next stop in escaping Wonderland.

Johnny goes into the cave alone to place the card on the altar where the Jabberwocky's illusions drive him mad. Thinking he's killing his uncle Drake, Johnny stabs Adina who had followed him into the cave when he didn't return. With Adina now dead at his feet Johnny finally embraced his destiny, seizing the role of the Mad Hatter for himself and aligning himself with the Jabberwocky.

During the events of Beyond Wonderland, Johnny is sent by the Jabberwocky after Calie in New York City. Once there he tormented her behind the scenes, fraying her nerves. Using his mirror abilities he captured Calie's boyfriend, Brandon, and carried him off to Wonderland to be tormented-- causing Calie to believe Brandon had abandoned her. Accompanied by the Cheshire Cat-- who only obeys him out of fear of the Ebony Blade-- he set a trap for Calie at the diner she where she worked. While Calie battled the Cheshire Cat in the diner, Johnny slipped out and traveled to the Empire State Building. There he waited for his sister to come to him. She came, as he knew she would. On the observation deck of the Empire State Building and before the mirror to Wonderland they fought. Calie seemingly beheaded her brother, killing him, before smashing the mirror.

A short time later-- minutes after Calie gave birth to her daughter Violet-- Johnny came to her hospital, using Brandon's skin to masquerade as Calie's boyfriend. He removed the disguise to victoriously reveal his deception to his sister while injecting her with a sedative. Just before Calie lost consciousness he revealed that he'd come for Violet and not Calie. With the help of the Jabberwocky's other servants he kidnapped Violet and departed.

In exchange for a chance at revenge on his sister for sending him to Wonderland, Johnny brought Violet to the Jabberwocky's den. It was not long after (during Escape from Wonderland) that Calie returned to Wonderland and fetched her daughter. Johnny was enraged when Calie not only successfully recovered Violet, but seemed to escape Wonderland as well through a mirror on palace grounds. With Calie gone the barrier between Wonderland and the real world faded and Wonderland and its inhabitants began flooding out.

Death of the Jabberwocky

Johnny sat aside, uninterested in the invasion of the real world, but he was there when Charles Dodgson came through a mirror to Wonderland. Charles revealed that the Jabberwocky needed his connection to the Liddle's in order to be free. The old man convinced Johnny that the Jabberwocky had duped him and then was able to taunt him into ending Charles's eternal life with the Ebony Blade. This weakend the Jabberwocky. The Mad Hatter then returned to Wonderland's ruler to find him weakened and in battle with Calie, who had not truly escaped at all). Johnny then betrayed the Jabberwocky, using the Ebony Blade to end his madness forever. With that done he turned on Calie.

Even with the abilities afforded to him by Wonderland, he was no match for his sister. She dragged him back through the mirror and back to the real world. There they were both rendered ordinary once more, but Johnny's murderous hatred for his sister had not abated. They fought in the Liddle house and Johnny's life ended the same way as his mother's, hanging by the neck from the upstairs banister.


  • Real Name: Johnny Liddle
  • Date of Birth: September 8th, 1991
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • Height: 5'11" (6'9" with hat)
  • Weight: 177 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: White (previously brown)
  • Relatives: Alice Liddle (mother, deceased), Lewis Liddle (father, deceased), Calie Liddle (sister), Violet Liddle (niece), Charles Dodgson (great grandfather), Howard Dodgson (grandfather, deceased)


All of the Hatters share the same 10/6 and use flawless skin suits as disguises. Johnny also gained the ability to transport over vast distances as well as between this world and Wonderland through any mirror-like surface. Like all Wonderland Entities, he is also ageless has advanced healing when he is in the Wonderland realm. He is currently in possession of the Ebony Blade, which is capable of permanently killing any Wonderland entity.

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