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 Dr. Stingray & the Prototype Boomer
The youngest child of Dr. Katsuhito Stingray, Mackie was orphaned when his father died in a mysterious explosion.  An explosion that was actually arranged by the ruthless Genom Corporation in order to seize control of Dr. Stingray's revolutionary creation, the Boomer.

However Dr. Stingray had foreseen his death and secretly prepared his children to be enhanced in order to serve as a counter to Genom.  Mackie's older sister and sole remaining family; Sylia Stingray would utilize her gifts to build and assemble a secret group of renegades, mercenaries, and vigilantes who utilize a series of high-tech power armor to battle the excesses of the Genom Corporation and rogue Boomers as the mysterious Knight Sabers.
 The Knight Sabers
A mechanical savant, Mackie often works behind the scenes; servicing the Knight Sabers' high-tech equipment and fixing Priss' motorcycles which she has routinely abused with her thirst for excessive speeding.  It's a tough job; skipping high school and being forced to labor around attractive and scantily clad women but somebody has to do it.

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