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When Jack Hawksmoor became leader of the Authority he implemented the teams next part of their mission and began to fight against not just regular SPBs but also against the many different governments that where corrupted and did with their money and power as pleased. However when the team began to speak out against them they didn't like it and put together a freakish cyborg like mutant called Seth. Seth used his powers to hide in the womb of a girl delivering pizza to the team and burst out of her once onboard. He defeated each member after the other with different powers. They only one he hadn't caught was Midnighter who was able to escape with young Jenny Quantum.

New Team
Once the team was out of the way though they designed their own team called the New Authority. They where each given powers of members from the other team and Machine was a Japanese woman that  got the powers of the Engineer by being given her nano filled blood (of course giving the credit for her powers to her country). Along with the rest of her team she moved into the Carrier and found a group of people who had been allowed to live there. The refugees where then dumped out of the Carrier and while the team was being blessed by Chaplain Action they noticed that the rules of the world soon began to change. The found that it was the very refugees they dumped into what is known as Re-Space were the ones responsible for all this. Re-Space allowed them to change things as they saw fit and even turned the New Authority into the old one and Machine became Engineer, but Last Call had been turned into Midnighter but he could not stand to be gay and when he was touched by Apollo he broke free and broke the others free too and then Colonel changed things back to the way they where.

Soon what happened to Engineer was revealed. The old team had been given sucky lives and Engineer had her nano blood removed and of course given to Machine. Engineer had her memory changed and she had been made to believe that she had a lot of little children and an abusive husband and working at a 7/11 and her blood was originally in a heroin addict. After a battle with SPBs from the 27th century and a clean up at the Carrier, Midnighter got onto the Carrier. He started killing the members of the new team and freed his lover Apollo. When Apollo killed Last Call he then blasted Machine in the face with heat vision killing her freeing Engineer.


Machine had the nano tech blood of the Engineer and as such had all the powers she did. She could use the nano bots to build any machine she wanted, armor that communicated with machines, and anything else she wanted

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