Aaron Stack and His Rock Hard Robot Body

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Anyone else like Machine Man? I didn't know anything about him before Nextwave but I loved him (and the others) in that, especially his hatred for "fleshy things." When Nextwave was canceled (tear) I thought he'd be gone forever but he came back in Ms. Marvel 18 and I was pleased to see he still had his Nextwave personality.

Anymore machine love? Anyone?

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Silly fleshcapades. That's great. I always liked Machine Man. The first time I saw him was in an Iron Man comic, when he thought Iron Man was a robot and wanted to talk to IM about living among the humans. Imagine his surprise when he found out Iron Man was a drunken fool of a human.

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Some Nextwave Aaron goodness:

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He's the best thing about the Ms. Marvel book.

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Please don't tell me, thsi is from Mrs Marvel book.

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Haha, this guy (or should I say robot) is funny. "I analyse your every word, identifying subconscious speech patterns that betray your poorly hidden lust for my rock-hard robot body..."

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Whos this guy again?

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I thought he was dead?

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Yeah, he's awesome. I have to pick up those Ms. Marvel issues.

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lick my blinking diodes priceless

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LMAO! This guy is awsome. What comic does he appear in?

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Nobody says:

"LMAO! This guy is awsome. What comic does he appear in?"

Nextwave and Ms. Marvel

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Machine Man is awesome.

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Hes frickin awesome

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He seems rather funny. I like the bit about not setting the weapon to painless.

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Brian Reed (Ms. Marvel writer):

"Machine Man, an operative of the Lightning Storm strike team, would seem to be an eccentric and amusing member of the team, but he’s actually dangerous and quite mad. “I think people have thought he was just this weird, funny guy. But no, he’s a freaking sociopath!” Reed laughed. “There’s a scene in issue #25 where he’s got this speech, and it became one of those things writers talk about that sometimes does legitimately happen. He just started talking and I just started typing the stuff he was saying. I got a little creeped out by it and almost took it back out. I left it in and I never got a note on it. It was the moment where I went, ‘Okay, he is a sociopath! I was right.”

I always knew he was crazy. All that business about hating fleshy things isn't just talk you know. I cannot wait to read what he says.

(Quote from a CBR interview.)

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Its Mr gadget

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if any one wants to see some awesome drawings go to google images and type in mach 4

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Bump :P 
He was the hero in Marvel Zombies 3, and he had a mini in "Marvel Presents."

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