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Mach Zero

M.A.C.H. Zero appears in the British weekly anthology comic 2000AD. His adventures were later reprinted in the Eagle.

Mach Zero was the last unsuccessful prototype of the Mach process of mutation. He was the first to survive and gain superhuman strength. The failure was that his strength kept increasing, not allowing him to adjust to its use. An attempt to stroke a pet cat ended up killing it. Sharpe, his superior, ordered Mach Zero to be hold in custody until a "cure" for his uncontrollable strength could be found.

Three years later, Mach Zero was still held in custody in a research facility located in Wales. He was kept alive to be available for use against Mach One in case the latter agent disobeyed orders. Mach Zero's strength had kept increasing but his mind state had reverted to that of a child, an unforseen consequence of the process. When Sharpe visited the facility, Mach Zero recognized him and went berserk. The increase in strength was enough for him to escape the facility.

Mach Zero was determined to first locate his son Tommy and then deal with Sharpe. Mach One helped capture him but got Sharpe to promise his predecessor would meet his son again. Sharpe promised ... and then arranged for Mach Zero to die in a car accident. Mach Zero actually survived and had further adventures. He was eventually reunited with Tommy. He was killed while trying to protect his son from the military coming to recapture him.

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