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 MacBeth during childhood

Scotland MacBeth was born in the early 1000s, the son of the High Steward of Moray, making him of royal descent. MacBeth was well liked by the people, so his  cousin  Duncan sent  Gillecomgain the Hunter to kill him as well as his father, ending their  threat to his throne. Fortunately for MacBeth, the Weird Sisters had been given the order by the Archmage to protect MacBeth for his future was important to him, so through manipulation the Sisters had Demona arrive at Castle Moray where she saved Macbeth from his death, unfortunately his father died and the title of High Steward of Moray was given to his fathers killer Gillecomgain, with Duncan deciding this was sufficient to end MacBeth's threat to his throne.
Years later Duncan decided in part by the birth of his son Canmore decided MacBeth still presented a viable threat
 MacBeth in early adulthood
to his throne, he then ordered Gillecomgain to murder MacBeth, only for him to deny his request. Duncan then attempts to instigate a confrontation so his enemies would kill each other reveals that it was Gillecomgain who was in fact his fathers murderer. MacBeth then attempts to gain his revenge, but once again the Weird Sisters intervene revealing that Gillecomgain was the Hunter, in order to get the two to battle together once again, where they manage to kill him, regaining MacBeth's rightful title of High Steward of Moray, as well as letting him marry his love Gruoch.
Following this, MacBeth saves his cousin Duncan from a fall when they along with their children were on a mountain hike, only for them to come across Demona and her sleeping clan in the mountains, with Macbeth using a favor of Duncan to spare the clan. On the groups way back, MacBeth once again meets the weird sisters who prophesying that MacBeth and his son Luach would eventually become the next kings of Scotland following Duncan. Eventually Duncan declares war on Macbeth, who's forces are vastly outnumbered, so in desperation he seeks out Demona and her last remaining members of her clan for their aid. A reluctant Demona eventually agrees following the Weird Sisters transferring MacBeth's youth into Demona, restoring her to her prime and forever locking him into middle age, as well as magically linking them for years.  With Demona and her clans aid MacBeth eventually kills Duncan in battle, becoming the new High King of Scotland, with Demona becoming his adviser, as he banished Prince Canmore, who left for England. 
 MacBeth & Demona Immortalized

For years MacBeth ruled Scotland peacefully, but eventually prince Canmore returned following making an alliance with the English, who believed that Gargoyles were evil and were attempting to wipe them out. MacBeth's adviser soon suggests ending his alliance with Demona, which would cease England's hostilities towards him. Unfortunately Demona overheard  this, and believed MacBeth like all other humans was to betray her, and her clans abandoned the castle, which with all defenses planned around the Gargoyles quickly fell, causing MacBeth and  his wife to flee through a tunnel.  Once they arrived at the end, Canmore as well as Demona confronted him, while arguing with Demona he was stabbed in the back by Canmore, temporarily killing both he and Demona.
King Of The Scotts

.The Weird Sisters then awakened the duo, before revealing the terms of their link. MacBeth then attempted to return to battle, but Gruoch then persuade him that it would confirm the whispers of his involvement in sorcery, further provoking the English's wraith, leaving Scotland as well as his family.Spending centuries searching for Demona so they could battle and he could move on from his weary life.
MacBeth eventually found a new purpose when he helped Scotland defeat England, in the battle of Bannockburn in 1314.Before resuming his life of searching for Demona for another 600 years. Where after that Macbeth alongside several others attempted to steal the stone of destiny, with his friends inadvertently breaking it during the theft, then the next year attempting to fix the stone it revealed its true nature to the former king.

Battle with the Gargoyles

 MacBeth Now!

Eventually Macbeth is revealed to be living in New York, under the alias Lennox Macduff. Once he learns of Goliath and his Clan, he captures them all when they awaken from their sleep, imprisoning them in his mansion in the hopes Demona would attempt to rescue them, not knowing she had become their enemy as well.  Following learning this Goliath engages Macbeth in a one on one battle causing his mansion to burn down, but with him escaping.
Not long after, Macbeth and his henchman attempted to steal the scrolls of Merlin in order to use their magic on Demona herself, only to be confronted by the clan, but in the end gaining the scrolls as well as capturing Broadway. He then learns that the scrolls contain no magic, and attempts to burn them only to be talked out of it by Broadway, who emphasizes the importance of them telling the story of Merlin's life in his own words, at this he lets the clan leave with the scrolls peacefully.
 MacBeth on the Hunt

Eventually when Demona turns almost the entire city of New York, Macbeth as the Hunter shows up to have their final confrontation. Only for Demona to escape, to the Xanatos building to destroy Elisa Maza, who was put there for safekeeping, however she was stopped by Bronx, before being confronted by Macbeth, but eventually when Macbeth is poised to deliver the killing blow, the Weird Sisters and Goliath convince him to spare her, that their had been enough violence before the sisters leave with Demona and Macbeth.
Eventually the two show back up, under the weird sisters stealing the Grimorum, eye of odin and Phoenix Gate from the Gargoyles clock tower home. The two were then used as pawns by the Arch Mage in his revenge on the Gargoyles once they arrive on the isle of Avalon, with Macbeth and Demona injuring many of the inexperienced warriors of the Avalon Clan,before Macbeth is defeated by reawakened King Arthur in single combat. Following the archmage's defeat and the weird sisters capture, Goliath forces them to release the duo of their mind control before sending them on a boat on Avalon.
Avalon decided to send the duo to Avalon, where Demona met Thailog and they started a plan to steal Macbeths fortune. Where Macbeth married Demona's human alter ego of Dominque Destine, but Thailog's and Demona's plan was thwarted by the arrival of Goliath, Angela, Bronx, and Elisa. 
Macbeth soon returned to New York, where he attempted to claim Excalibur battling the remaining Manhattan Clan led by Brooklyn, as well as the English Gargoyle Griff and Arthur himself. Eventually Arthur retrieves his sword, but recognizes Macbeth's skill and offers him a place alongside him, with Macbeth refusing but assuring him he would be his ally instead. 

Ally of the Gargoyles

 Macbeth has seemingly turned over a new leaf, writing a book about Gargoyles as well as appearing on News programs urging New York's citizens to make peace with the Gargoyles in that they have a long history as protectors. 
Macbeth eventually seeks the aid of the clan in assuring that the stone of destiny is returned safely to Ireland, taking Hudson and Lexington to assist him. Once in Scotland he once again met up with Arthur Pendragon, where they shared a cup of coffee and told stories from there long, unusual lives. And working together alongside Coldstone, Coldsteel and the London Clan to defeat Coyote 5.0 and Coldfire, returning the stone to it's original country.

Powers & Abilities 

Macbeth's power comes from a curse cast upon him and Demona. He can never die unless it is by the hands of Demona.   

Apart from this Macbeth's is an excellent warrior and one of the most dangerous antagonists to face the gargoyles. His armed and unarmed combat skills and surprising strength  have proven to be enough for him to go toe to toe against Gargoyles themselves.He has had centuries to hone his combat skills and is one of the greatest warriors the world has ever known. He is also adept in sorcery, capable of casting spells on his own. 

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