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Ma Gnucci's first appearance

Ma Gnucci was the head of the Gnucci Family. Her Family's criminal empire came into power after the Punisher was gone from New York City for several years. She had the mayor and police commissioner in her pocket and was untouchable by law enforcement agents in New York City. When the Punisher returned to New York City he set his sights on killing Ma Gnucci and Ma Gnucci tried to have him killed as well.


The Ma Gnucci character was created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon during their Welcome Back Frank Punisher story arc.

Character Evolution

Limbless Ma Gnucci

Ma Gnucci is first seen as a powerful elderly woman. During an encounter with the Punisher she was viciously attacked by polar bears in a zoo which caused her to lose her arms and legs and have deep scars running across her head. She is constantly shown to be trying to overcome her disability while being angered by it and the incompetence of her lackeys.

Major Story Arcs

Welcome Back Frank

Ma Gnucci being attacked by polar bears

When Ma Gnucci first learned that the Punisher was targeting her Family she immediately tried to get the police to go after him since they were in her pocket. Unfortunately for Ma Gnucci the police put Detective Martin Soap on the case since they didn't want to capture the Punisher making the police useless to her for dealing with Frank Caslte. Ma Gnucci first encounters the Punisher after one of her men saw him following her and luckily shot Frank Castle. Ma Gnucci and her guards followed the wounded Frank Castle into a zoo which he fled into. Ma ordered her men into the zoo to kill Castle. However, Frank killed the men sent after him until only Ma Gnucci and a single guard remained. Ma Gnucci saw the Punisher jump into the polar bear exhibit in the zoo and ordered her minion to follow the Punisher. While this was going on the Punisher punched a polar bear to enrage them to use against Ma Gnucci since he was unarmed. Just as Ma Gnucci finished climbing down into the enclosed area stepping on the back of her minion the Punisher runs by her and uses her minions back to jump up and climb out of the exhibit. Before Ma Gnucci and her follower could give chase the polar bears brutally attacked them. Ma Gnucci survived the attack but lost all of her limbs and had scars on the top her scalp from where the polar bears clawed her.

Ma Gnucci after returning home maimed focused all of her attention on the Punisher and hated anyone trying to make her feel better about what happened to her. She even went as far ordering the death of her own cousin Stevie Gnucci on the spot after he angered her. Ma Gnucci then placed a ten million dollar bounty on the Punisher. A few days later Al Grummet approaches Ma Gnucci telling her the location of the Punisher's hideout. Ma Gnucci has her men confirm the information is legit. Once her men confirmed the information Ma Gnucci sent her soldiers after the Punisher trying to kill him. The Punisher killed well over a dozen of Ma Gnucci's goons but was severely wounded in the fight as well. The men who verified the Punisher was staying at an apartment complex came back and asked Ma Gnucci for more men to go after Frank Castle. Ma Gnucci enraged told them he killed almost all of her men and that there was no one left she could send. Ma Gnucci then ordered them to find out where in the apartment complex they were staying. They call her shortly later telling her they captured someone who knew where the Punisher was and they would find him shortly. The men happened to be killed by the badly wounded Punisher saving Spacker Dave. Ma Gnucci realizing she needed help called the Russian to eliminate the Punisher.

Ma Gnucci's last attempt to kill the Punisher

When the Russian arrives Ma Gnucci gives him a photo of the Punisher and has one of her soldiers take the Russian to the apartment complex where the Punisher is staying. Ma Gnucci then calls the mayor to try and get the police to go after Frank Castle in force but in the end her threats proved useless. The Russian and the Punisher then get into a fight with the Punisher getting lucky and killing the Russian. Right after the Punisher killed the Russian he gets into a car and drives straight to the Gnucci estate taunting Ma Gnucci and the Gnucci family with the Russian's head in his left hand. The Gnucci Family then proceeds to drop their weapons deciding they didn't want to die at the hands of Frank Castle and abandon Ma Gnucci. Ma enraged cursed them calling them cowards. The Punisher then goes in Ma Gnucci's room with cans of gasoline and pours them all over her room with Ma Gnucci cursing at him the whole time saying that he was damned. The Punisher then exits the house tosses a grenade in which lights the gasoline on fire causing the whole house to be engulfed in flames. Ma Gnucci manages without any limbs to toss herself out her window and lands right at the Punisher's feet and starts biting him refusing to give up. The Punisher looks down at her coldly and says "Go back to hell Ma" and kicks into her house causing her to burn to death.

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