monets sisters

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what happend with them. are they depored
#2 Posted by Ahmed Sherif (283 posts) - - Show Bio

As I remeber they were last seen going home with there father.
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@xgirl: I imagine they're depowered, though I don't think their powers were purely mutant anyway so they might have something left over.
#4 Posted by fesak (8502 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes they are mutants, and it's unknown if they kept their powers, but it seems very unlikely.

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I think it's very much so likely that the M-twins keep their powers and seeing as Monet has said they lost their powers and that only so many mutants have been listed of the 198 mutant list it is pretty likely. And Claudette and Nicolette are with their father back in Monaco, now that Monet has stated.

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