Monet and Gateway

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Did I missing something, or does it feel like the whole Gateway being Monet's mentor was never thoroughly explained? Though, I suppose it would've actually been the twins as M. Either way, what was the full story?

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Yeah they never really fleshed that out.....yet. And put Bishop in there since he's Gateway's grandson or great-grandson. Stop retelling Bishop's childhood in the future and maybe flesh out his ancestry in the present.
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@danaria: Yeah he was the twins mentor not our bitchy Monet
I think this like most of Monet and the St.Croix' original history
has been irrevocably changed and we may never find out the
great twists that originally involved Gatway and the St. Croix family
who would eventually become or lead to the Bishop family.
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@Ryonslaught:  Maybe that's for the better. Monet's family life is already hanging by a thread without the inclusion of time challenged Bishop.
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I thought I once read that he was Monet's G-Pa as well.

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