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When Jubilee's parents were murdered, she ran away to live by herself in a local Hollywood mall. It was here that she taught herself petty theft and utilized mutant lightshows in order to make a living. Mall security tried several times, to no avail, to detain her. She called upon her gymnastic and mutant abilities to thwart the officials on numerous occasions. Fed up with the young mutant, they hired the M-Squad, a group of scientists, to capture her.

The M-Squad utilized technology in the form of tractor beams that would locate, grab and tie up mutants. When they came across Jubilee at the mall, it was the first time that she had to use her powers to defend herself. She used a low level version of her pyrokinetic powers to hold off the M-Squad at a stand still, but was eventually outnumbered.

Luckily for Jubilee, the X-Women were shopping at that very same mall, as they used a portal from Gateway to travel there from the Australian X-Base. Rogue, Storm, Dazzler, and Psylocke helped rescue the young mutant and gave the M-Squad a run for their money. This was seemingly the last time that the M-Squad tried to detain mutants for monetary gains... as it proved to be too dangerous for them.

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