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The premiere issue of the COMIC BOOK THAT WILL SAVE THE WORLD!!! Brought to you by creators Joe (X-men, Superman, Deadpool) Kelly and Duncan (Alpha Flight, Wolverine) Rouleau, Machina Rex is: Gigantor, Johnny Quest, and Our Man Flint jump in the Mach Five and haul ass into Terry Gilliam's Brazil, where they crash the Sailor Moon cast party to stop the world from launching itself on a one way rocket-ride to death!!! In other words, "A refreshing blend of humor, drama, and adventure geared to the comics enthusiast and jet-setter alike... with killer blenders and a toaster that eats faces." In this exciting issue, you will meet: REX--The ten year old thief whose heart is home to a billion microscopic robots. His ultimate destiny may decide the fate of all mankind... SIX--The secret agent assigned to liquidate the greatest threat to Earth since the meteor that wiped out the dinos... Rex?!? MIA MOORE--Hollywood darling whose very presence is your passport to adventure! M.REX, GUARANTEED to amuse, inspire, and most of all... SHIP ON TIME!







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