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In the post crisis universe, Lyta is the daughter of the crimelord Ares Buchanan ( a Bostonian criminal possessed by the god of War Ares ) and Donna Milton ( a human guise of the sorceress Circe ). She has magical talents that she has inherited from both parents.

Donna Milton was dying of a gunshot wound administered by her scorned lover Ares Buchanan when she started to give birth to their daughter in an underground river. She was rescued by her friend Wonder Woman and in gratitude for saving herself and her daughter, Donna named the child Hippolyte after Diana's own mother. Weeks later a recuped Donna discovered that her life was a lie. Nothing more than a complex spell of Circe's. So powerful that the sorceress herself was lost in its lies.

Away from the eyes of man, Circe raised her daughter, taking a mothers pride in the girls own magic powers coming to bare. When Circe attacked New York, she used her daughters magic to lure Superman into a trap but later in the battle found the tables turned when Lex Luthor seized Lyta and demanded his own terms from Circe. Her mothers instinct out weighed her need for battle and the witch saved her daughter.

Soon after Circe renewed her attack on Wonder Woman and attempted to goad the Amazon into killing her while on live tv broadcast. refusing to lower herself to Circe's standards, Diana was unexpectedly aided by young Lyta, who was scared and didnt know why her mother wanted to be killed. When that would mean she would leave Lyta alone. Again Circe's mothering instincts took hold, as she valued her daughters life above all others. In defeat, Circe was taken to Themyscira and imprisoned on reformation isle while Lyta was looked after by the Amazons as an orphan. Under the care of the Amazon Io, Lyta was kidnapped by her father Ares, taken from Themyscira, who vowed to raise his daughter in accordance with his own standards.

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