The Return of Lyssa Drak? To be or not to be?

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I was greatly saddened to see Lyssa Drak, by far one of the most interesting of the Sinestro Corps characters, trapped within the pages of the Book of Black by the insane Guardian of the Universe Scar.  She was both alluring in appearance yet also spooky, what with her countless tales of terror detailing the many horrific acts of the Sinestro Corps soldiers as well as her razor sharp teeth >8D 
What I ask of you fellow comic book fans is whether or not you'd like to see Lyssa escape the book or not, and perhaps provide some theories for how this could be brought about.  I honestly feel it would be a waste of a great character to see her remain trapped in that darn book forever ):    
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Well, at least she's not dead, just trapped.
Could be more easily brought back in my eyes!
I liked her too^^
She had a lovely design (rRRrooowr~) and offered some great opportunities with her being the guardian of the book (Tales of The Sinestro Corps, etc..).
Has that evil guardian been defeated (I still haven't read most of the Blackest night.. got the books lying around)?
If not, that may be the only thing still keeping her "captured".

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@Eyz:   Yeah, I loved her spooky yet alluring design as well, and hoped for more creepy Tales of the Sinestro Corps stories from her, she's like DC's Crypt Keeper lol.  
And yep, Scar was defeated during the big final battle of the Blackest Night, no idea if Lyssa was set free afterward or if she's still locked away inside the book of black (or if anyone even knows of the Book yet).
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@Sinestro2828:  Yeah, I finally got to read all the blackest nights event and tie-ins-
She could be alive and simply have fled Oa.
And if she's still inside the book..maybe this "thread" will come up in a future plot, like someone trying to get his hands on the book... she could escape during such plot.
"DC's Crypt Keeper " exactly!
I expect future GL tales (of the Sinestro/GL Corps/Black Lanterns) to be told by her! Even with her inside the book, it could still work!
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It seems we will see more of her in a new compilation of TALES in October:

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@Eyz:   FINALLY!  WOOHOO!  Lyssa's back!  Hopefully by the end of this new book she'll finally escape & rejoin the Sinestro Corps (I'd totally buy a series all about the horrifying antics of the Sinestro Corps on top of the main green lantern books).
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I think DC will use her to tell TALES of other corps from now.
She may still be trapped i nthe book though :(
Oh well, at least we get to see more of her!
I'm still wishing for a Tale about her! Who is she? Where does she come from?

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Green Lantern #6

She be back

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