Where was she?

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Where was she and is she during the Incrediable Hulks story line, you could say she was with She-Hulk but She-Hulk was in space with Banner?
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Ya got me man. I like Lyra (especially her powers) but IMO Marvel is doing a poor job with her, compared to Skaar (so far so good)
Ok, so she's a teenager but I don't think the high school bit suits her.
I could go on but that's enough for now.

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Lyra isn't part of the Incredible Hulks book. It was shown when they came back that she was on earth when Chaos War started, they found her in Jen's apartment, I think.

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I hate that one of the first things they did in She-Hulks was change her powers so she can change to normal and doesn't have to worry about getting angry weakening her. That was the best part about her.

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My point is why wasn't she in the HULKS books?
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Marvel doesn't know what to do with She-Hulk so how can you expect them to do anything constructive with Lyra. Betty's so good because they can do what they want with her due to her lacking Jen's history and not being held down by the whole being a good guy/hero thing like Lyra is. 
Heck of all the Hulks only Jen and Lyra are proper heroes

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