Is she gonna wish her classmates are better off dead?

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Look at this picture:

She-Hulks #4 No friends

Think about it. Even if she is given "the power of chocolate" to help her feel better, she would still be upset about this. I could think about her ranting in her room how she wished her classmates, whom she was rejected, are better off dead. Then she goes to sleep. Unknown to her, some of her classmates, like those two in the picture, are being murdered one by one during the night.
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A much better, much more human story would be if she kept a positive attitude and made friends anyway despite her differences. She might be young, but I don't see her wishing anyone dead (as if she couldn't stomp them into mush herself anyway if she really wanted to).

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I honestly don't care what she ends up feeling for them, I just want this comic to come back so I can actually READ WHAT WILL ACTUALLY BE HAPPENING!

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