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Daughter of Heroes and Monsters

Earth-8009 was in its 23rd Century. It was indicated that there was a mass sterility to the people of this time, and that, at some point in the past, ("Back-in-the-day") Norman Osborn was responsible for selling superhuman powers to anyone willing to buy them. Seemingly a wasteland after the fallout of some super-human disaster, Earth-8009's populace was split into many factions - those of the men, which were numerous, and those of the women. The Overmen of the past were still worshiped by the Tribes of Men, some worshiping Wolverine or Sentry for example, and dressing/arming themselves accordingly, and had sworn death to those who did not believe.

The United Sisterhood Republic (the women of this time) were seemingly more civilized and less tribal. Instead of many tribes, the Sisterhood came together under their common cause and had a capital city in Milago. The Sisterhood was a more organized collection of females that fended off the men's attacks as well as they could, but feared they needed a larger power on their side to tip the scales in their favor.

Blessed. Tainted.

Thundra traveled to Earth-616 in search of this time's greatest, most powerful hero. She soon came into contact with the Hulk, finding exactly what she needed. After battling for a while, there was a halt and Thundra explained the troubles of her world to Hulk, eventually kissing him (secretly sampling DNA from his saliva). Immediately afterward she was transported back to her Earth. The G-Engineers of her era spliced the Hulk's DNA with her own, and eventually, Lyra was born. Many sisters viewed Lyra as an outcast; as blasphemy to their ideals. In this world, the populace was derived, on both sides, from 'Cradles'; test-tube incubators. Lyra, however, had both a mother and father.


Lyra was gifted with the strength of her parents and trained as an elite warrior for the Sisterhood. Lyra was called by Gynosure to head a secretive mission, one not even her select band of warrior compatriots were aware of. The Sisterhood's Cradle was malfunctioning, causing defective births, and without replacement circuitry it would be the end of the Sister's ability to replenish their numbers, eventually leading to their extinction. Lyra was armed with Boudicca, a wristwatch with an artificial intelligence linked to the Sisterhood/Gynosure at all times, and sent to the Men's Cradle to steal the appropriate parts to repair their own Cradle. When a traitor turned on Lyra, seeking to claim the honor for bringing back the piece, it was destroyed in their fight. Lyra returned to Gynosure to confront her for her treachery but was then sent to the 'Back-in-the-Day' time of Earth-616, to seek out their greatest warrior and breed with him.


Lyra was created by Jeff Parker and Mitch Breitweiser and first appeared in the Hulk: Raging Thunder #1.

Character Evolution

After her introduction in the one-shot in 2008, she made an additional appearance in Hulk Family: Green Genes in 2009, before gaining a solo mini-series All New Savage She-Hulk. Following that series' end, she began starring in back-up features in Incredible Hulk and Hulk, took part in the World War Hulks crossover, and eventually received a second series which she co-headlined with Jennifer Walters and a third which she also shared with Walters. Since then, she has featured or guest starred in other books such as Avengers Academy and Hulk.

Major Story Arcs

Dark Reign

Savage She-Hulk

Lyra traveled to Earth-616, still armed with her wrist-worn companion, Boudicca. She had been told to find the greatest hero of men. After a brief battle with A.R.M.O.R. personnel, who had detected her entry into this dimension and a slightly longer tussle with She-Hulk (Jen Walters), Sentry appeared, interrupting the fight with She-Hulk and asked, slightly arrogantly, what it was Lyra sought from he, Earth's mightiest warrior. It was then revealed that Lyra was after none other than Norman Osborn. Osborn appeared (as the Iron Patriot) with his Dark Avengers. Lyra fought Noh-Varr, revealing more of the history of Earth-8009 and the eventual enslavement and subsequent death of the Kree race. Noh-Varr poisoned Lyra and she was captured by the Dark Avengers. Boudicca aided in her release from eventual torture and she soon found her way to Osborn. Lyra found herself disgusted by the idea of allowing the Earth's 'Greatest Monster' to ensure the survival of the future and attempted escape. A short encounter with the entirety of the Dark Avengers found Lyra at the peak of her game for a short time, but she was soon overpowered by the combination of Ares and Ms. Marvel (Karla Sofen). She-Hulk found her and the two were teleported to A.R.M.O.R. headquarters.

She-Hulks vs The Dark Avengers

During this time, Boudicca had located the manufacturing facility where the Cradle's macroprocessor was originally produced, and sent one of the factory's automated robots to bury it for retrieval in the future. After the piece was dug up by the Sisterhood back on Earth-8009, Gynosure wished Lyra to go in peace to find her 'true place'.

In exchange for some of Norman Osborn's stolen secrets (compliments of Boudicca), Director Little Sky gave Lyra a place among the ranks of A.R.M.O.R. rather than deport her to her home universe.

Agent of A.R.M.O.R.

Agent of A.R.M.O.R.

Lyra's first assignment as an agent saw her defending Earth-616 against a small-scale invasion by the Cyber-Sidhe of Earth-010001011 in western Nebraska. Their Ogham Code infected Boudicca, temporarily turning her against Lyra. However, Lyra defeated the Cyber-Sidhe in ritual combat and killed their leader, Phinn Mac Mram.

Lyra continued to have a friendship with Jennifer Walters, who was helping her get to know Earth-616 better. She also became close with Alexander Erde, the A.R.M.O.R. agent she abducted in Central Park the day she first came to this Earth.

A New Gamma Corps

After Jennifer Walters was a week late to visit Lyra in the Hollow, Lyra was concerned for her friend's whereabouts.

Bringing Death to Death Valley

But Director Little Sky was not interested in an official investigation of Walters' disappearance. It was not A.R.M.O.R.'s concern. Lyra disobeyed and left in a shock-carrier with Alexander Erde. They were ambushed by a trio of genetically enhanced women, bearing the powers of the Abomination, Zzzax and the Glob respectively, and Lyra had to watch Alex die after promising him she would see him through this safely. The trio of women, Gamma Corps Black, were under the command of General Ryker, who had been released from jail by Norman Osborn shortly after Lyra's encounter with the Director of H.A.M.M.E.R. Inspired by the future that Lyra came from, Osborn had launched a massive genetics-research campaign to harvest and reproduce superhuman powers, and appointed Ryker to head this program. Intending on sending Lyra back in containment to be dissected and her organs harvested for research, Ryker's superhuman minions were surprised by the new She-Hulk, who managed to escape from their custody before she could be transported, though not before killing the Morass and destroying their aircraft, leaving the two survivors trapped with her in Death Valley.


Aberration was the next to fall to Lyra. Injured badly in an explosion, Aberration's genetic modifications went haywire, mutating her further with tumor-like growths and deformities. Lyra finished her off with a street post through the head. Finally, there was only Axon, but Axon threatened to absorb the lives of innocent bystanders if Lyra did not surrender to her. Lyra did so, and Axon began draining her of her gamma-infused life energy. This caused Lyra to appear human, and for Axon to inherit Lyra's anger-related weakness. Lyra exploited this, angering and beating Axon until the weakened madwoman relented. Rather than by Lyra's hands, Axon was eliminated by a spy jet at Ryker's command. Lyra regretted the deaths of her adversaries, because it was not the way in which Jennifer Walters would have done things. She proceeded to the Gamma Base in Death Valley, where she hoped to find clues towards Walters whereabouts. However, she found no sign of the other She-Hulk, but was confronted by an unseen character, offering her a proposal.

Fall of the Hulks

Fall of the Hulks: Gamma

Lyra was seen to be working not only with the Red She-Hulk, but with MODOK as well. Lyra and Red She-Hulk had a small altercation in an undisclosed Intelligencia base before MODOK zapped them both into submission. Lyra then joined the Wizard as a member of the Frightful Four (apparently replacing Thundra) in order to attack the Baxter Building, home of the Fantastic Four. She was able to defeat the Human Torch on her own, although her clothes were burned off in the process. She took a red Fantastic Four uniform and met with the Wizard. The mission was a success and Mr. Fantastic was captured.

Although Lyra joined the team because of her differences with her mother, she still had great respect for Jen Walters. After gaining the trust of the Intelligencia, Lyra came across Jen, who had been missing for some time, aboard the Intelligencia's massive airship, known as the Hellcarrier. Jen seemed to be in some sort of stasis chamber. Days later Lyra returned to the chamber and broke Jennifer free of the chamber that was draining her gamma radiation.

World War Hulks

After saving Jen Walters from the Intelligencia's imprisonment the two got in a small scuffle with the Red She-Hulk, where they tried to sway her to their side. They could see the mental programming of the Red She-Hulk breaking and tried to take advantage of the situation. Red let them fall from the Hellcarrier and into the AIM Hulk's rampage on the Capitol Building. Lyra and Jen fought waves of the Hulk soldiers and escaped into the subway system below. As they cleared themselves from the group of Hulks and set up a game-plan, Lyra remembered a time capsule that survived into her time and left a message to her mother for the future - telling her that she was proud of her and was grateful for all she had done in the future. Red She-Hulk appeared and helped Lyra and Jen Walters fight through the mass of AIM Hulks, breaking through the programming finally.


She-Hulks #1

Lyra was soon assimilated into the Hulk family, even being seen in hiding with them in FL before the events of the Dark Son saga. Jen Walters (She-Hulk) took Lyra under her wing, at the request of Bruce Banner, and moved with her to a lavish apartment in New York City. The apartment had been set up for them by the Olympus Group. She-Hulk and Lyra were running missions as part of the post-World War Hulks clean up, tracking down and arresting escaped members of the Intelligencia. Their first capture was the Trapster, whom they found gambling in a casino (using a magnetic ring to cheat) in Las Vegas. Jen and Lyra showed up and attacked him, eventually chasing after him through the city before taking him down.

In New York, Lyra was enrolled into high school under the name 'Lyra Walters', and caught the ire of a classmate, Amelia, by sitting with Amelia's crush, Jake Constantine. Lyra's cover story was that she had been home-schooled and transferred to high school. After her first day, Jen and Lyra went after the Wizard, who had purchased a large yacht and filled it with women in bathing suits. During the fight, Wizard's yacht crashes, allowing them to capture him. Wizard was then brought to a prison within Banner's Death Valley Gamma Base, where the Hulk convinced him to reveal the location of their next target: the Red Ghost.

Back at school, after playing a game of volleyball Lyra goes to the locker room and turns into a hulk, however Amelia follows her and captures this incident on tape. Lyra is then contacted by Jennifer and they meet up to track down the Red Ghost. While fighting the Red Ghost and his apes, Jennifer is knocked away by one of the apes, leaving Lyra to battle them alone. Amelia is then found on the carrier by one of the apes named Petro. Jennifer returns and saves Amelia from the last remaining ape. Later while at the gamma base Lyra and Amelia talk, Amelia decides that they should be friends and that Lyra should come with her to the school dance. Lyra then goes shopping with Jen for a dress.

Their next target is Klaw. After receiving a message from Bruce, Lyra and Jennifer arrive in Switzerland and break into the base where Mad Thinker is helping Klaw get rid of his powers by transferring them into a creation called Byte. However, the process is stopped when Lyra starts destroying machines before she knows what they are. With Klaw's energy having nowhere else to go, an explosion destroys Mad Thinker's base. Outside the destroyed base, Klaw wakes up and attacks the Hulks with Byte who seems to have retained some of the powers taken from Klaw. The She-Hulks soon overcome and defeat the sound powered duo.

Later on Lyra is at her dance in her human form when Jake asks her to dance. Unfortunately the Wizard has broken out of his prison and goes to Lyra's dance to kill her. However, on seeing a blast coming from the Wizard, Jake steps in front of it to protect the human Lyra. Seeing her date harmed, Lyra begins to fight the Wizard however the fight isn't going so well for her and she is almost killed by Bentley when Jennifer shows up. After the Wizard is defeated everyone at the dance blames Lyra. Amelia even lies saying she hadn't known Lyra was a Hulk. Lyra and Jennifer than leave the dance with Lyra saddened because she had hurt her friends.

Fear Itself

Part of the Defenders during Fear Itself

During Fear Itself, Attuma, granted the power of the Worthy, attacked Namor and New Atlantis. Upon seeing Namor being badly beaten by the newly powerful Attuma, Loa saves Namor and brings him to the surface. Two days later, Dr. Strange finds Namor and Loa in a bar on the port after Namor summoned him for help. Namor expresses guilt over not being strong enough to save New Atlantis, Loa reassures him that it wasn't his fault. Strange then uses a spell to call upon more allies to help, which Loa thinks is much cooler than 'Avengers Assemble'. However, later the three wait at a diner for the allies to arrive, Loa expresses that she hates to be a downer but she doesn't think anyone's coming. But Strange then senses a great danger approaching, but the threat is ended with arrival of Lyra who was brought instead of the Hulk due to Strange's imperfect spell. However the moment is interrupted when Loa notices more sea monsters coming to attack the city. As Loa explains how unsure she is due to the state of their side, Strange merely smiles and tells her it reminds him of old times. Strange then leads this new team of Defenders into battle against the creatures. Loa takes down some of the creatures before even more arrive due to the creatures mass breeding. However, just then, the Silver Surfer arrives, warning them that this threat potentially threatens the cosmos, to which Loa says upon seeing him, 'that is so cool!'

Powers and Abilities

Lyra has the standard powers of a "hulk" with one major flaw: the more anger and rage consumes her, the weaker she gets. Noting that she was genetically created, this flaw could have been implemented on purpose by her superiors. However, her connection with gamma radiation seems to be incredibly deep. Since gamma radiation flows through everything, when she calms herself she can enter a trance-like state in which she perceives everything as a part of her, allowing her to flow easily in combat. In practical application this allows her to see attacks coming, detect weak points and battle more effectively with seemingly no effort.

After World War Hulks, Bruce Banner created a sort of antidote based on S.P.I.N.-tech for Lyra's anger-driven power drain. The concoction also allowed Lyra to change from Hulk to human form at will.

Other Media


Marvel: War of Heroes

War of Heroes

Lyra appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

  • [Savage She-Hulk] Lyra
  • [Elite Warrior] Lyra

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