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Stolen Fate

 Lydia's first chronological appearance was fourteen years ago.She shared a drink with Edgar and thanked him for making her smile again.They decided to trick the fortune teller and stoled her crystal ball.They sit to a Ferris Wheel and each of them watched what will the ball show them.Lydia saw herself kissing with Edgar in a not to distant future.When asked by Edgar what she saw, Lydia replied that one day he'll find out.


 After the death of Joseph Sullivan,she attended to the funeral where Samuel Sullivan gived a speech about how the world will react if they would knew about them.
 Claire Bennet,Sylar and Peter Petrelli
Lydia later went to Samuel where he placed a needle into her back,which inject ink and created a tattoo of Danko.Samuel summoned Edgar and ordered him to take care of Emil for stealing a compass.After a 'missunderstanding' between the two, Edgar finally agreed to help Samuel.
The following day,Samuel did this again this time creating a tattoo featuring Hiro Nakamura.Lydia told Samuel that Hiro was there at their carnival fourteen years ago.
Later that night,Edgar came back from his mission and asked Samuel if 'the chinese guy' would be replacing Arnold.Samuel told Edgar he doesn't like that word and created another tattoo on her back revealing Sylar,Peter and Claire.
Next day,Samuel was preparing to go in New York to meet Peter Petrelli who he thinks that would fit great in Joseph's shoes. Lydia asked Samuel while he is in the city will go to his old house but Samuel insisnts that he will never return to that life.
Next week Lydia found Edgar sitting alone at the carnival and with her ability she quickly found out why is he upset.Edgar told Lydia that ever since Joseph passed away Samuel is threating the people in there like an army preparing for battle.Samuel arrived and took Lydia back to his trailer than told Edgar that he doesn't have to stay. Samuel created another tattoo on her back to see who is their new villain and they were shocked to see that it is non other than Noah Bennet himself who returned to his former life and hunting people with special abilities.
Lydia later talked to Samuel at Joseph's grave where Samuel asked Lydia to go and make dinner because by the end of the day a new member will join the carnival.When asked who, Samuel told her that it is Sylar himself.
Sylar came to the carnival that night but something was wrong with him and Lydia noticed this as well.She told Samuel that it is not what she expected,Samuel replies that a great damage has been done to him.Samuel instructed Lydia to show Sylar around the carnival.This made Edgar jelaous and had a pretty intense conflict with Sylar.Lydia that night attends to the baptism which Samuel hold for Sylar in order to greet him in the family.Following a dinner Sylar and Lydia entered her trailer.
Few weeks later,Samuel informed Lydia that Arnold is dying and they need Hiro Nakamura in order to fix the past.Samuel created a tattoo on her back to find out something about his whereabouts but insted saw Claire,Sylar and Charlie Andrews, the girl of Hiro's dream.Lydia replied that the only problem is that she died three years ago.Samuel told her that is not a problem and entered Arnolds trailer to ask his dying friend a last thing.
 Later Lydia informs Samuel that Sylar has disappeared from his trailer.
During the Thanksgiving dinner,Hiro and Lydia sneaked out and he told her that Samuel is holding him against his will there
 Hiro shows Lydia the truth
and the two traveled back into the past nine weeks to see what has really happened to Joseph only to find out that Samuel himself killed his own brother for selling him out to the governement. Upon their return Samuel got suspicious and to escape the unnecessary questioning, accused Edgar for killing Joseph,but thanks to Hiro, Edgar was safe and he told Lydia that they will defead Samuel together.
After the incident next day,Lydia informed Samuel that she knows the truth but won't tell anyone about because she has a daughter to look after.Later Samuel welcomes Claire and Gretchen to the carnival and she shows the girls her ability and when Claire touches her back she sees a tattoo of herself with the underlined word of 'Inderstructible Girl' which happens to be Claire's greatest desire. 
Claire joined the carnival and found Lydia arguing with her daughter Amanda.Claire told her that this was the most normal stuff that happened to her since she joined.Lydia welcomed again Claire and told her secretly that she should keep her distance from Samuel because he developed an obsession with newscomers and has a pretty evil plan.
Lydia woke up and found out that Sylar has returned to the carnival to finish of Samuel Sullivan but something went wrong with his ability and now thanks to Samuel he is badly injured and it is moved to his trailer.Samuel asked Lydia to use her charm and with her ability find out what is wrong with him.Lydia rejected this claiming that she does wathever he wants but she won't be used like this.Samuel pointed out that she didn't mind having sex with Sylar last time they met than what is the problem now.
 Lydia seduces Sylar
Lydia entered the trailer and started kissing Sylar passionatly meanwhile taking his memories and desires and fears.Sylar sensed this somehow and empathicaly took her abilty.He told her that the problem isn't with his power but whit his greates fear:Dying alone and not deserving love.
Lydia felt that Samuel should give up running the carnival due his evil actions and they need someone else to replace Samuel.Amanda asked who when Lydia told her that there is only one person that even Samuel pointed out one:Peter Petrelli. and using her ability  the compass tattoo that once appeard on Peter's arm reappeared.She claimed that Peter Petrelli could be the 'next Joseph'. 
Lydia told Samuel that no one trusts him anymore and went to her trailer where she encountered Claire Bennet who warned her that her father, Noah Bennet is coming to take down Samuel with the rest of the carnival.Samuel agreed to turn himself over to Bennet if he leaves his 'family' alone.Noah agreed but suddently someone shot Samuel and Claire.It was Eli who was hired by Samuel himself so he can give the carnival 'someone worse than a villain' and in the firefight, Lydia is shot.After the shooting stopped, Samuel went to her kissing her and revealing his true intentions.Lydia in her last moments realised that
 Lydia is shot by Eli.
she was used and betrayed by Samuel.
Later that night, Edgar arrived to her trailer grieving and saying goodbye to her.

Powers and Abilities

Lydia has the ability to feel the thoughts, hopes, dreams, emotions and or desires of others.Samuel often uses ink to 'project' these.
According to Lydia to get a more accurate reading she needs to get in pshyhical contact with a person.

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