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Charged with the murder of her husband, Lydia is put in Marrisville Prison. Like the rest of the inmates, Lydia is released when all the men die.


Written by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Pia Guerra.

Major Story Arcs

After release, the women of Marrisville (most of them convicted criminals) need a leader. Lydia steps in and uses her vast years of experience to help the women navigate their new lives without men. She is able to draw on knowledge acquired while men were away at war, like welding and weather patterns.

When Yorick arrives in town, Lydia, like most of the women, are afraid that the federal government is trying to check up on them. Despite her fears, Lydia is cautiously welcoming to Yorick and his companions. Things get hairy, however, once Yorick finds out the women are all convicts. Regardless, Lydia stands behind Yorick when the Daughters of the Amazon show up. One of the Marrisville residents are killed before the gang is subdued and Lydia reluctantly agrees to put the women in prison and release them after they have received care.

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