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Luther The Mutant
Luther Albert Joyce was caught in the middle of a core discrepancy at the Lickman Nuclear Power Faculty in New Jersey. After losing consciousness, he was bombarded by a hail of radiation. Afterwards, a clean-up team discovered Luther and, believing him dead, disposed of him upon instruction in the Hudson River. Meanwhile, radical Jewish teenage lesbian Louella Schwartz schemed to assassinate Dr. Emil Flounders, innovator of the Brain Transplantation Process, and head of the Clinic of Crainio-Brainio Youth Restorative Surgery. Louella felt that the doctor symbolized the rich preying upon the poor, and decided to quit her job at a Mr. Porpcicle stand selling Dolphin sushi pops, to take matters into her own hands. Back at the Hudson River, Luther awakened a mutant. He wandered the streets. Homeless, penniless, and horribly mutated, he eventually discovered Louella's abandoned stand. He stocked up on sushi pops, and learned of Dr. Flounders through a newspaper that Schwartz left behind. Joyce got a handgun, and went after the doctor with the intention of forcing him to perform an operation, in order to restore him to a normal human being before his existing body decayed. Both Joyce and Schwartz wound up at the doctor's offices at the same time armed with guns, and a shoot-out ensued. Louella killed Dr. Flounders, and mortally wounded Luther. However, Luther managed to shoot Schwartz, killing her. Dr. Flounders' assistant, Dr. Fluke, was able to save Luther by transplanting his brain into Louella's body. He made him agree to remain silent about the operation, to avoid complications. 
Luther finds his way to Louella's home, only to discover a father that despises "her", and a mentally-unhinged mother that can't part with the body of her dead brother, Morty. Morty's body still lies propped up against a wall  from committing suicide with a shotgun, his brains sprayed all over it. Louella's father notices that who he believes to be his daughter is acting strangely. He calls a psychiatric hospital to cart Luther off, but the orderlies cart Louella's parents off, instead, leaving Luther to explore his new body, and surroundings. 

Powers And Abilities

  • Luther was born male, however his mind resides inside of the body of a teenage female in peak physical condition, with no known ailments. He is proficient with a handgun, and has proven himself capable of defending himself in an altercation, even though he is inside of Louella's body, and possesses less physical strength then his previous incarnation. 

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