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Upon robbing a large sum of money from a casino, Lupin & Jigen dashed to the Fiat 500 with bags full of money. The casino watchmen try to gun them down only to miss them and are forced to pursue them by car. Only to discover that all of their cars have been sabotage upon igniting their engines. Lupin and Jigen drive off on a highway laughing due to their success in robbing the casino's entire stash of money. Lupin however looked closely at the bills and realizes that they are counterfeit. He informs Jigen of this and knows that the money they stole is fake cause he has come across seeing this brand of counterfeit money before. After annoucing where their next heist will be Jigen gets rid of the bougs money by letting it fly out of the car as they are still driving down the highway. After many nights of camping out they finally made it to the Grand Duchy of Cagliostro, supposed origin of where the fake bills came from. They used fake IDs to get into the boarder, and as they drive through the place, Lupin tells Jigen about the location only for the Fiat 500 to get a flat tire. While performing Rock, Paper, Scissors Jigen ends up getting out the jack and fixes the flat.







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