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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 001. "Art of the Entrance" (ルパン三世颯爽登場)
  • Chapter 002. "The Great Escape" (脱獄)
  • Chapter 003. "Mystery Woman" (死んでゆくブルース)
  • Chapter 004. "To Catch a Weasel" (アかせて頂戴あいつのハナ)
  • Chapter 005. "Crime's a Disease" (サスペンス・ゾーン "Suspense Zone")
  • Chapter 006. "Impression Impossible" (シッパイ大作戦)
  • Chapter 007. "The Hand is Quicker than the Spy" (魔術師 "The Magician")
  • Chapter 008. "Zenigata Gets Lucky" (フウテン探偵)
  • Chapter 009. "Gather Ye Bad men While Ye May" (集まれ奇人ども)
  • Chapter 010. "Educating Lupin" (クレイジー・ルパン "Crazy Lupin")







Story Arcs

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