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The Lunatacs are originally from the Moons of Plundarr. Years ago they attempted to overthrow Mumm-Ra on Third Earth and he defeated them, imprisoning them in Dark Side. They were later released at Mumm-Ra's request to challenge the Thundercats.

The members are as follows.

Luna - a diminutive character, but the Lunatacs leader. She rides atop the shoulders of her dumb but faithful steed, Amok.

Alluro - has the powers of hypnotism, but is also very egotistical

Chilla - can freeze things with her breath, but also shoot fire from her fingertips

Red-Eye - has great vision, including seeing in the dark, seeing into buildings at some times, and can even see Tygra when he is invisible

Tug Mug - the strongest, he has great strength in his legs and can leap greap distances; instead of legs, he has three piston-like appendages

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