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As a teenager, Felicity Hopkins learned that she could sing any child she babysat to sleep when she wanted them to go to bed. After a while, she could even use her voice to manipulate the children to do any action she told them to while they sleep. She soon grew ambitious, and ordered a multimillionaire to divorce his wife and marry her after she sung to him. However, she grew bored of him and told him to jump off of his roof. He was saved from doing so by Sleepwalker
As Sleepwalker wasn't recognizable as a hero yet, passers by became afraid of his appearance and called him a monster. Lullaby realized the potential she had with him, and told Sleepwalker to call her if he needed help with crowds again. Sleepwalker, still naive, gave her Rick Sheridan's home phone number. Later that night, she called him and thought that Sheridan was the Sleepwalker. She sung him into a trance and ordered him to come to her, hoping that she could use her power for her own gain. When Rick arrived at her base, Sleepwalker emerged and finally realized the danger. He apprehended her and she was incarcerated for endangering the millionaire.   


Lullaby was created by Bob Budiansky and Bret Blevins in 1992 and first appeared in Sleepwalker # 9. 

Powers & Abilities 

Felicity had the power to soothe anyone within earshot into a deep slumber. While asleep, they obeyed her commands and did anything she ordered. Sleepwalker was unaffected by her power because his race of people didn't need sleep.

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