Luke Skywalker Respect Thread

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I was mildly surprised to find that this hadn't already been made so here it is.

I'll just write the feats for now and come back with the evidence later on. Please feel free to add feats or evidence I have missed, I will add them to the OP :)

Shot a proton torpedo into a hole 1 meter wide using the Force after very little training.

Stood up to Vader in lightsaber combat despite his severe lack of training.

Mastered various forms of lightsaber combat, though Form V seemed to be his preferred form.

Defeated Palpatine in a lightsaber duel.

Defeated many of Palpatine's dark jedi using the Force and his lightsaber.

Defeated various Yuuzhan Vong warriors.

Telepathically learned a large amount of a completely foreign language.

Flew the Millennium Falcon on his own using only the Force.

Absorbed cannon blasts from an AT-AT.

Knocked an AT-AT over with the Force.

Became one with the Force without dying.

Could teleport objects using the Force.

Luke caught Tadar'Ro's eye and smiled a little. Then, before Ben knew what was happening, there was a sharp pop of displaced air. The Vor'cha stick simply vanished from his hands to reappear in his father's.

Taken from Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Omen

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No replies? Hmmm

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