Luke Skywalker Respect Thread

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I was mildly surprised to find that this hadn't already been made so here it is.

I'll just write the feats for now and come back with the evidence later on. Please feel free to add feats or evidence I have missed, I will add them to the OP :)

Shot a proton torpedo into a hole 1 meter wide using the Force after very little training.

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Stood up to Vader in lightsaber combat despite his severe lack of training.

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Mastered various forms of lightsaber combat, though Form V seemed to be his preferred form.

Defeated Palpatine in a lightsaber duel.

Defeated many of Palpatine's dark jedi using the Force and his lightsaber.

Defeated various Yuuzhan Vong warriors.

Telepathically learned a large amount of a completely foreign language.

Flew the Millennium Falcon on his own using only the Force.

Absorbed cannon blasts from an AT-AT.

Knocked an AT-AT over with the Force.

Became one with the Force without dying.

Could teleport objects using the Force.

Luke caught Tadar'Ro's eye and smiled a little. Then, before Ben knew what was happening, there was a sharp pop of displaced air. The Vor'cha stick simply vanished from his hands to reappear in his father's.

Taken from Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Omen

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No replies? Hmmm

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What inspired me to contribute to this post was the following box art from the Game Cube version of Star Wars Rogue Squadron III, Rebel Strike:

At first, when I saw this cover, I was like, "this is some bulls*t.....since when did Luke ever face-off on foot against an AT-AT with only his lightsa........WAIT......."

Which led me to the notion that a lot of fans give an unfair characterization of Luke as a "whiney farm boy". But as I pondered on all of Luke's accomplishments, I realized that he may well be the baddest Jedi of them all! I'll make my case and you come to your own conclusions.

No need to make the case for Luke referencing the XU, either. I will attempt to do so from the mainstream movies; Episodes IV thru VI, hopefully in chronological order.

Episode IV: A New Hope

  • Left home to face the Empire as a young adult after losing the only parent figures he knew
  • Unproven and without combat experience, brushed-off a direct death threat from a known wanted killer in Mos Eisley with only a snide remark
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  • Showed considerable aptitude with The Force with only a few training exercises while aboard the Millennium Falcon en route to Alderann (as cited by guttridgeb)
  • Although quite clumsily, executed a rescue and escape from a maximum security detention block aboard an the armored battle station, the Death Star, despite it being fully-manned and fully-operational
  • Led a flank of X-Wing fighters to defeat the Death Star (as cited by guttridgeb)

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

  • Survived an attack by a wild, hungry Wampa beast and defeated it using The Force all while weakened, facing deathly hypothermia.....and upside-down
  • Demonstrated military cunning in the snowspeeder strike against an encroaching phalanx of Imperial walkers with his tow cable strategy leading to the first confirmed enemy kill (also note that he expected to survive the battle, ordering R2-D2 to power-up his X-Wing starfighter in the fray)
  • Chased-down an AT-AT ON FOOT and took it out with only his lightsaber and a hand grenade (as cited by guttridgeb)
  • Trained under harsh conditions with Yoda on the planet Dagobah
  • Faced a precognitive vision brought-on by the Dark Side despite Yoda's advisement
  • While honing The Force, demonstrated super-human feats of agility, levitated several large object simultaneously telepathically, and managed to budge his swamp-ridden X-Wing (consider the condition of his body and mind during his trials on Dagobah at the time)
  • Sensed his friends suffering from more than a galaxy away (yes, this was probably due to Vader prodding him, but still)
  • Faced-off against Boba Fett--a notorious, deadly, highly-skilled and highly-trained bounty hunter
  • Survives a perilous fall in a Cloud City turbine chamber
  • Battled Darth Vader with little preparation (as cited by guttridgeb)

Episode V: Return of the Jedi

  • Who opened the gate at Jabba's palace for Luke? You saw the difficulty the droids had gaining entry: Why didn't the guard interrogate Luke? One can only speculate that Luke may have employed will of The Force
  • Force-choked two well-armed Gamorrean Guards better his size and physicality with little effort
  • Mindf*cked Bib Fortuna with little effort
  • Threatens royal Jabba to his face in front of his court, take 1
  • Defeated a Rankor monster while trapped in its den........with no weapons
  • Threatens royal Jabba to in front of his court, take 2
  • Swashbuckled his way out of an impossible situation above the Sarlack Pit in the Dune Sea, managing to accidentally kill Boba Fett in the process
  • Is able to discern the blood relationship between himself and Leia, though with some prior intuition
  • Is able to detect the presence of his father, Lord Vader, from vast a vast distance without warrant, and is able to sense the immediate temporal outcome of his incursion
  • Outraces well-trained Imperial Scout Troopers using their own patrol speeder bikes
  • Uses The Force to enhance his reflexes and deflects multiple volleys of blaster fire from a fast-moving speeder bike, then proceeds to surgically slice-off the forward steering ailerons while standing and the speeder bike in motion (i.e.; hitting a moving target)
  • Levitates C-3P0 with his hands bound while being roasted on a spic
  • Surrenders himself to the Galactic Empire, relinquishing his sidearm in the process
  • Acknowledged by Vader to be skilled enough to create his own lightsaber
  • Bests Darth Vader in lightsaber combat (as cited by guttridgeb)
  • Defies The Emperor, aka, Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith, in his own throne room
  • Maintains his will despite the brutal torture of force lightening by the outraged Dark Lord; survives

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