Luke Ross signs exclusively with Marvel

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If you were to describe artist’s Luke Ross’ career lately, “journeyman” might come to mind, but those days are over for now. The artist who’s work has been seen on projects as diverse as Jonah Hex and Samurai: Heaven and Earth most recently has signed an exclusive contract with Marvel, and will be joining Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting on Captain America, stepping in for the departing Mike Perkins.

“Some years ago I had a great time working with Editor Steve Wacker on Jonah Hex and over the past years we talked about working together again on something for Marvel,” Ross explains when asked how the new arrangement came about. “But few months ago in a beautiful day when I opened my mail box I got amazed with an e-mail from Ed Brubaker himself inviting me to work with him and Steve Epting on Captain America. I had no words to express how it was great, it sounded as the perfect opportunity for me to get back to the house, drawing one of the characters that were part of my childhood!”

Naming Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four and Captain America among his favorite Marvel characters, Ross tells Newsarama that the title was offered to him prior to signing the exclusive contract. “When I was talking to Editor Tom Brevoort about the details regarding the book, he asked if I was interested in becoming a Marvel exclusive artist - and I was,” Ross says.

But of course, in drawing Captain America for Marvel presently, Ross will be drawing not the Steve Rogers version of the character, but rather Bucky Barnes wearing a new version of his mentor’s costume. That has ramifications in the art, Ross says.

“I imagine the new Captain America as someone who has a strong image to maintain, what seems to be a big responsibility,” the artist explains. “Steve Rogers was a symbol of America’s power. I compare him to Hercules - he needs to be the greatest of the heroes, and I imagine that the labors he’ll have to perform are not that easy. So, he needs to be brave, strong, heroic! It’s a lot to live up to.”

Ross and Epitng will alternate on storylines, much like Perkins and Epting did, and Ross plans to stay... “for as long as they want me there!”

Oh, and getting in good with Brubaker just may work out well for Ross in the long run, if he ever gets tired of drawing Cap, as he’s got his sights set on drawing another series that Brubaker writes - Daredevil.

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Good news.

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