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411800 Figgs216 Character Guide 04/13/14 05:15PM 2 Approved
396314 Captain13 Character Guide Added Secret War by Bendis to recommended reading. 03/24/14 08:06PM 1 Approved
396111 Captain13 Character Guide Forgot to add "Secret War" to my last update, so I just did that. 03/24/14 02:04PM 2 Denied
396106 Captain13 Character Guide Added essential reading for Luke Cage, as well as links to the CV pages for where more information about the essential reading could be found. 03/24/14 01:59PM 18 Approved
379721 N00beditor3 Character Overview 03/02/14 08:07PM 1 Approved
379719 N00beditor3 Character Overview 03/02/14 08:05PM 24 Approved
279473 blkson Character Overview 11/16/13 10:39AM 1 Approved
279471 blkson Character Overview 11/16/13 10:14AM 26 Approved
277203 blkson Character Overview 11/13/13 07:15PM 1 Approved
277197 blkson Character Overview 11/13/13 06:52PM 164 Approved
236219 blkson Character Overview 10/03/13 08:03PM 3 Approved
206384 blkson Character Overview 09/09/13 07:27AM 16 Approved
151704 Txapote Character Overview 07/17/13 01:16PM 2 Approved
115692 TheManInTheShoe Character Overview 06/20/13 03:08AM 8 Approved
108539 SideburnGuru Character Overview Just fixing a small mispell in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 name. Don't know why I put cape the first time. 06/14/13 01:15AM 1 Approved
108384 SideburnGuru Character Overview Updated his video game appearances, with definitions of his appearances, and pictures of his appearances. 06/13/13 04:08PM 118 Approved
101326 TheManInTheShoe Character Overview You told me to try again, so that's what I'm doing 06/09/13 01:06AM 2 Denied
100739 TheManInTheShoe Character Overview 06/08/13 03:55PM 2 Denied
66914 X35 Character Overview 05/17/13 05:32AM 4 Approved
39064 ApatheticAvenger Character Overview 04/26/13 08:42PM 15 Approved
39063 ApatheticAvenger Character Overview 04/26/13 08:41PM 15 Approved
22780 X35 Character Overview 04/15/13 05:37AM 2 Approved
16576 Alcamin Character Overview Corrected link. 04/11/13 04:05AM 1 Approved

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