Watch the Luke Cage Trailer Starring The Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa

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Suave. Confident. Pleasantly odored. You’ll have to add persistent to the list of adjectives you can use to describe Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice Guy. The dude really wants to play Luke Cage, so what’s he going to do? Instead of sitting on his duff and waiting for the project to happen, he already went ahead and shot a trailer for a LUKE CAGE movie… starring himself.

The clip's got the same city backdrops and general mis en scene from the photo shoot Mustafa did about a year ago to make his interest perfectly clear. Either the crew had some serious attention to detail, or maybe this was actually produced at the same time as the photos and it’s only now been made public.

Sweet Christmas this!

Mustafa’s said that he’s met with Marvel about the notion. A few months back, he even played Luke Cage in one of's WHAT THE--?! videos. Seeing as how this is an officially sanctioned, licensed and produced video, I think it proof of at least some mutual interest... so maybe this whole crazy idea isn’t totally out of the question.

== TEASER ==

But enough talk! More action! Enjoy the video below. I’m not even that big a Cage fan but, after watching this, I’m a believer. Dude punches through a wall to get at some goons! If you agree that Mustafa’s the living embodiment of the Hero for Hire, then you ought to go “like” the dude’s petition page at Facebook.

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I think they should have a white guy be Luke Cage. ;)

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I think that he would be really good. I hope Marvel will watch this and cast him.
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@fitchy101: You mean "Sweet CHRISTMAS"

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I don't see it. 
I think he's hilarious in the old spice commercials, but I don't think he's a good fit for Luke Cage.

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It looks like a Tv series trailer...

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 I like him better as the Black Panther, but he would make a good Luke Cage.
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Man, Isaiah is such a cool guy ^_^ 

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I imagined Luke Cage to be more brolic.

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Power man in any incarnation woudl be awesome.  I would love to see a Iron fist/Luke cage film set in the 70's and have a Dolemyte or I'm gonna get you sukka feel to it. 
I know the character has come a long long way from those days.  I just think it would make a good and entertainging film....much better than Green hornet or the Spirit for sure.    
Sadly, I say sounds lame, but if Quentin Terrintino and robert Rodrigez made it...people would eat it up.

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Is that for NBC or ABC. I think it will fit well after the office or CSI.
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I don't think a Luke Cage movie will be very good.Luke is one of my favorite charcters but his film won't do much
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Hope this happens. He looks the part and I love his acting style but  isn't he American? Shouldn't there be a white actor from the UK who can bring more to this part? lol. just kidding. 

@GL 2411


 I like him better as the Black Panther, but he would make a good Luke Cage.

I'd like an AFRICAN actor to play T'challa. 
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@G-Man: Can't believe I missed that oppurtunity >.<
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He really does fit the bill, loved the eye effects as he was breathing. Brilliant. Hope he stirs the pot and makes enough noise for Marvel to hear him, would be fun to see a Luke Cage movie.

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@thabigred said:
I think they should have a white guy be Luke Cage. ;)

How about an Asian?
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Too scrawny.  He'd need to pack on some muscle to play Luke Cage.

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Mustafa needs to buff up a bit 
just Sayin'
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Instead of a Luke Cage movie they should make a heroes for hire movie starring him and Iron Fist plus add cages wifey and Misty Knight :D
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@thabigred said:
I think they should have a white guy be Luke Cage. ;)
That's racist.
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@fitchy101: christmas
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I think Luke Cage would work better as a tv series first. Maybe a heroes for hire tv show with Iron Fist??
A super powered buddy detective/bounty hunter show. Now that's awesome!
Daredevil could cameo in it a couple times too!

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@Babs said:
@thabigred said:
I think they should have a white guy be Luke Cage. ;)
That's racist.
I was clearly trolling, I thought it would be funny for all the people upset over black guy in Thor. 
Race bending OH NO!
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ROFLMAO @ the BRB part. That was pure win. 

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Also, can he PLEEASE be Luke Cage. He's perfect. 

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the guy already made a joke of himself, how can marvel studious take him seriously?
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I'm down with this. 

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i posted this yesterday

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He should be... The BLUE MARVEL!
One of the better origin stories to boot, plus he looks cool.
If an unknown like Hancock did well, then Blue Marvel should follow easy.

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I think it could work.  I say give him a shot.
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he might work as luke cage. 

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@Chesapeake said:
Is that for NBC or ABC. I think it will fit well after the office or CSI.
It isn't a real trailer the actor made it himself, it isn't going to be a real t.v. show. At least not yet.
Luke Cage is one of my favorite characters I don't really care who plays him as long as it's done right.
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id watch it.

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That is actually an awesome idea. He looks the part, sounds the part and with a bit of extra training he could be Luke Cage! Make this happen Marvel!

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That man wants the job. Personally, I think he should play Luke Cage or Terry Crews should.

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Not bad looking! Though I must admit, it's a little weird seeing a Luke Cage incarnation where he isn't really, really big.

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I think his face is too "nice" for Luke Cage.But after watching this,it could work. 
And A Storm SOLO MOVIE ! 
And A Warren Worthington Solo Movie !

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Old. Someone already posted it a couple of days ago.

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i could see him in that role..

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I actually like the thought of Idris Elba as Luke Cage but maybe this guy could be Black Panther

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Cage needs to hit the big screen soon love him in thunderbolts

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If they made a Luke Cage TV show yeah, but not really a movie. He was okay on Chuck but not enough to carry a movie I think.

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@MistahSmiley: That's exactly what i thought! lol... I couldn't help but imagine Elba as the Character when i read the Azzarello Cage book.
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He Would be an AWESOME LUKE CAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@Babs: that's not racist that's preposterous but Mustafa is a little to clean cut for Luke though Michael Jai white would be a better choice or like previously stated Terry Crews 
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omigod that trailer was AWESOME!!!!!!

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@thabigred: wow, racist much?
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