The Rock to play Luke Cage?

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Seems like he's in everything lately. Why not play Luke Cage? He wouldn't have to change his hair for the part. He posted it in his Twitter feed.

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That would be pretty awesome. Just find someone play Iron Fist and Misty Knight and we're all set!

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Yeah, I could see that. He has the gruffness and the charisma. I still think he looks more like Bishop, but I wouldn't be entirely against him as Cage. Long as he's the bald modern version, not the chain-rocking tiara one.

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i hope they find a way to add jessica jones.

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I'd prefer Micheal Jai White, but hey it's the Rock

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You know I forgot about Michael Jai White good suggestion. I've also heard some say Terry Crews. Iron Fist seems like a must for the film. Luke Cage in the Marvel film universe would open the door to a lot of characters who have been associated with or a part of Heroes for Hire.

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I prefer The Rock to play NO ONE.

He sucks as an actor.

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So is anyone gonna freak out because he's half Samoan?

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I don't really like his acting, sorry.

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Terry Crews seems like the best fit.

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As far as wrestlers go I think Rock is one the best actors but hey every is entitled to their opinion. Rock's ethnicity is always gonna bother someone. He's half black he's half Samoan, he's not dark enough, he's too handsome or not handsome enough to play the part. People are entitled to their gripes about an actor's ability or appearance. Honestly though not to put down any other suggestions I've seen to play the role on this blog but be honest the Rock attached to a super hero will bring in people who aren't familiar with the character.

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I like The Rock but I don't think he should be Luke Cage.I prefer the actor to be full African American.That's just my opinion.Besides every time he yells in a movie he sounds like he's cutting a promo lol.

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i think he might be able to pull it off, checkout his performance in the movie called Faster. i think another that might be able to do it is idris Elba as Luke Cage.

#15 Posted by daredevil21134 (13568 posts) - - Show Bio

Still no lol

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The Rock could play as Iron Fist I dont care Imma watch it just cuz its the Brahma Bull.

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