Random Idea for a team, what are your thoughts?

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Don't know why but I just want to see some black comic characters come together for a decent arc or even form a steady team. I feel like they rarely team up and I'd like to see a good one. Here's the team I've thought of so far. I"m open to suggestions (adding and/ or subrtracting somebody). It was just a random idea I had, here's the line up.

Luke Cage-Leader/Public Face- he's a long time Avenger and runs the Thunderbolts, he brings leadership and a face that is accepted by the public as a hero

Blue Marvel and/or War Machine-Strength-either could be a nice strong man for the team, though I'd prefer Blue Marvel, War Machine is a pretty nice substitute. With both being long time heroes either of which could take over in case Cage isn't able to as well.

Bishop-Firepower-with future tech and his mutant powers Bishop is a great asset to anyone's team

Night Thrasher-Intelligence and Money-every good team needs some kind of money to back them up when push comes to shove and nothing like have a smart rich guy helping you out

3-D Man and/or Falcon-Agility-every team needs a person able to draw fire and be somewhat of a speedster. Either of these guys can fit the bill

Brother Voodoo-Mystical-I think any good team needs some type of magic on their side, whether they are a full time or part time member, we've seen that having a mystic user can come in handy for a number of reasons

That's my team as of now, feel free to give feedback (I will eventually make one for DC)

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Awesome Team I had the same Idea for a team at DC

Mr. Terrific, Icon, Vixen, Black Lightning, Lightning

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Mr. Terrific, Icon, Vixen, Black Lightning, Lightning

You mean Black Lightning and Thunder?
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I remember the team up Luke, Blade, Panther, and Falcon did a while back and it made me wonder, why Marvel didn't think to make a steady team like that, because lets be honest there are still some race issues out there and above all else it would be nice to have some of these guys get more work on major stories. I just thought it would be interesting, and no they wouldn't have to only fight race issues either.........my only questions would be who would they fight?

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