Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! Ep. 13 "The Hero Your Hero Could Smell Like"

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I feel like it's been a while since I've watch an episode of Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! In this episode we get to see Luke Cage (voiced by special guest Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice guy). Check out the video to see what other characters put in a cameo. 

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Fantastic! <clap clap>

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OMG it's robot chicken marvel style, where'd you find this? Hilarious!
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That was great
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I want to see this in real life

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 Marvel regularly posts these videos at
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that was awesome. Not to mention Isaiah Mustafa guest starred on Chuck on monday of this week as well.
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"Wud Beta Ray lika suga cube?  Gud boy!"

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Haha that was pretty good.
Terry Crews for Luke Cage though. Sorry Isaiah.

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"I'm Luke Cage.  Sweet Christmas... I'm awesome." 
That is pretty great.  I'd prefer Terry Crews as a live-action Luke Cage, but Isaiah is just so charismatic I think he could pull it off.

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This was fabulous fun!  Marvel definitely needs to grab Isaiah for one of their films.

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"Now back to Sugar Man, now back to me.. Now back to Sugar Man LOOKING at me. They are hideous, I am not." ROFL

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That was a slice of Awesome.  
I love Beta Ray Bill. lol 'I am NOT a horse!" *Brays*

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Man I love this
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The Earth's Mightiest Heroes Micro Episodes are way better
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I saw this on Facebook.  Too awesome.  I loved "Sweet Christmas," even if it was in the Old Spice tone. lol

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Great bit. I know Marvel Met with Isaiah Mustafa, about playing Cage but I agree that Terry Crews would be better, though NEITHER one looks ANYTHING like the Marvel Character.

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I'm afraid if Mustafa does too much of this comedy/parody stuff he could lose the opportunity to be taken seriously in the role of a bid budget Marvel film. 
That would suck.

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It's seems like every Marvel What The? has MODOK and Deadpool in it. 

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I've never seen one of these episodes before but that was pretty funny.

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Beta Ray Bill may not be a horse but he could be related to one!

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