Heroine for Hire

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What would happen if Luke Cage was never a male
character, but a female one instead in June of 1972?

What would be the name of that char's comic book title?

What would happen if Willis Stryker (Diamondback I) was a female char too?

What sort of names do you think Archie Goodwin & John Romita, Jr. would give to these two chars?

How would the ladies' origins differ from Luke's and Willis Stryker's?

Would comic fans in the seventies like the empowered black female heroine and her nemesis?

Could she be a smashing success in the comic medium way back when?

What would happen to this heroine after the events in the first issue are over?

Finally, would you even like (or become fond) of this black character if she actually exists?    

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I take offense at the spin of this thread.   
Replace Luke Cage,.. with Spiderman, and you'll see what I mean.

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