does luke cage ever use any weapons?

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Not really.  From time to time you'll see him use his pimp knuckles. Apparently thats all he needs sucka.

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sort of. he uses his environment alot, like chunks of concrete, ripping out a pole and using
it like a bat, ect. occasionally was seen to use the Wreckers enchanted crowbar, but the Wrecker
seems to have it back now. Lukes fists pretty much are weapons either way.

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He swung a mean chain in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

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Yeah in the oldschool comics he would use his enviroment. Then there was a couple of situations where he used the chain belt he wore. Ultimately no not really, but he can if the situation called for it.
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I have a better question, if he did start using a weapon, what should it be?

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He doesn't have any usual weapon but he has been known to use a chain. In MUA2 he used a chain wrapped around his belt tiped with apparently a titanium (or something-or-other) belt buckle that says 'CAGE', making for badass 'ball and chain' weapon. And occationally he uses brace knuckles (also reading 'CAGE').

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