A white Luke Cage movie

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lol genius

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Sweet Christmas!!!!

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@ThanoStomp said:
Sweet Christmas!!!!
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He's got a point, if there can be a black version of Perry White, Spiderman, and Nick Fury why not a white version of Luke Cage.
Also that was hilarious, I especially loved the use of the corny 70s soundtrack.

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@ThanoStomp said:
Sweet Christmas!!!!
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Hilarious and well done!

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jason statham for luke cage or ron perlman. if he has to be white. 

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So dumb its actually funny at the same time..

But whats funnier (ie stupid -_-) is the reaction of dimwitted individuals out there who think there is SERIOUS precedent to reverse the racial profile of the FEWWWW iconic black/non white characters.. When weve barely just about started gettin equal footing representation wise.

Its kinda like when certain white ppl will (oftimes in earnest) ask why they cant say the N word if WE can say it..Fact is.. It might be harsh..but 99% of the time "ya'll" jus dont get it

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I'm sorry this is hilarious.

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This reminds me of Nick Fury for some reason

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@theblaquebasterd: By 'Dimwitted individuals' I suppose you mean those of us who prefer characters to stay as they are in the source material when cast in movies. The reason we complain is not inherently a race issue as you seem to think, what we have issue with is that someone took the ridiculously stupid decision to change anything about the background and history of established beloved fan-favourite characters. Any major change, whether it be race, sex, nationality, sexual preference, age and background etc. garners an equally negative response from most genuine fans. Superhero movies are commissioned on the basis that they will sell because the characters have such a large loyal following. Why then would you ignore what the fans want and potentially alienate them by making such monumental changes to the characters they so love and have such history with.

As for the race issue, why should white characters be treated with less respect when it comes to their casting in movies. The race of most characters in not an inherent part of their origin story (with obvious exceptions such as Black Panther) so you probably think it's perfectly acceptable and doesn't in any way matter that the Human Torch is being played by a black actor in the upcoming FF movie right? well I bet you wouldn't feel the same if a new Blade movie was being made with a white actor in the leading role. I would find that equally ridiculous.

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