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Ludwig Frankenstein is the son of Basil Frankenstein and ancestor of Victor Frankenstein, the original creator of Frankenstein's monster. He also tries to recreate life but it unsuccessful. He constantly wages war with the townspeople and has a hatred for humanity. His assistant Borgo is a deformed hunchback who Ludwig treats very poorly.
After another failed experiment, Ludwig decides it is time for 'Experiment X' which needs a live subject. After running into the Silver Surfer, he tricks him into thinking Ludwig wishes to help humanity. With his X Machine, Ludwig creates a duplicate of the Silver Surfer from clay that is under his command. He has the copy attack the town below, but it is stopped and killed by the real Silver Surfer. 
When Ludwig begins to kill the people of the town on his own, Borgo decides he can no longer help the evil doctor and pushes him out a window. Ludwig is succeeded by two daughters - Veronica and Victoria.

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