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Reverend Tommy was promised "angels" for his church by Dr. Cross. When the Gen11's came though, Lucy and her brothers. Reverend Tommy looked into their fiery red eyes and rejected them, saying they were empty and would not inspire the kind of spirituality he was preaching.

Dr. Cross had then kept them in his facility and supposedly has been feeding them people who had displeased them. In exchange for letting them go free for while from their tiny containment cells he has them try to capture the runaway Gen13s. A battle ensues and the Gens appear to be evenly matched until the Gen11s take a hostage. Grunge points an accusing finger at the Gen11s and Lucy becomes mesmerized by how dirty his hands are. Without a word to her brothers she takes Grunge away breaking the agreement with Dr. Cross and in event signing her and her brothers' death warrant.

Knowing she is about to be killed very soon she requests that Grunge have sex with her in a tree. Grunge tries to forestall her telling her people don't normally have sex in the treetops but in actuality is wary because he himself has never had sex before. After some banter with Lucy he warms to her and grants her wish. He unshackles the armored mask around her face wanting to see her before they do "the deed". She resists at first insisting that she is malformed but upon removing the mask Grunge finds this isn't so and that she is in fact "pretty" something he tells her before he kisses her.

Before they can go any further the men of Tabula Rasa hunt them down, shooting at them. Lucy embraces Grunge, protecting him from the bullets while he screams helplessly at the men to stop shooting. Lucy eventually falls, with her dying breath pleading the men to not harm Grunge because he called her pretty.

The grief of Lucy's death actually sparks something in Grunge making it that he could activate his Gen13 powers.

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