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Natsu, Lucy, and Happy

Lucy was born into a very wealthy family. Her parents were a part of a guild "Love and Lucky" until Lucy's mother became pregnant. They decided to go independent and upon leaving they noticed that the sign on the guild read "Love and Lu cy" as the "K" was missing. They then decided to name their newborn Lucy. As a child Lucy made good relations with everyone on the large estate including the workers. She had an especially close relationship with her mother until she died on the 7th day of the 7th month. Her father was always concerned about money and often forced things on her that she didn't want. She would always read the latest wizard magazine, dreaming of one day of joining a guild. She eventually left her father and all his wealth and journeyed to Macao, hoping to join a guild. It was there she first met Natsu and Happy and later on joined the famous Guild "Fairy Tail."

Actually Lucy seems to be in love with Natsu, though she denies it

Powers and Abilities


Lucy is a stellar spirit mage which allows her to summon different beings from

Lucy's Stellar Keys

another dimension using Stellar Keys. Their are Two Classes of keys, sliver keys which are easily bought and rare gold "Elliptical Zodiac" keys. Lucy Currently Has 10 gold keys and 4 silver keys. Each key has its own unique strength, power, and ability. For example the gold Zodiac key Taurus has super strength, while Aquarius can control water. While there is a large number of silver keys, only 12 Zodiac keys are available in the World.


Lucy Using Urano Metra

Lucy has displayed skill using Stellar Spirits. She is able to summon multiple Spirits back to back though it puts a strain on her. She has also summoned all her spirits at one time which is very rare ability, though it was only for a short time. She also carries a whip on her side for combat showing some skill with it. During the Oracion Seis arc, Lucy was able to perform Urano Metra with the help from Hibiki.

Actually, Lucy can use this Magic for herself

Lucy Use Uranometria in Daimatou Enbu

Stellar Spirits

Gold Keys

  • Aquarius: Aquarius has a negative attitude towards Lucy, threatening her each time she is summoned. Whenever sheuses her powers of water control she often hits Lucy with her attack purposely. She also brings up the fact that Lucy isn't cute enough to have a Boy friend.
  • Taurus: Taurus displays extreme loyalty to Lucy. When summoned he carries an Axe and uses tremendous strength to vanquish foes. Taurus has also has a crush on Lucy and often does things to get a peak of her undergarments.
  • Cancer: Cancers only abilities are oddly, giving haircuts. He uses scissors and refers to Lucy as Kibi which meansshrimp.
  • Virgo: Lucy acquired Virgo after completing the Duke of Everland mission. Virgo is very obedient to Lucy and she refers to her as princess. Virgo has the ability to burrow underground and often gives Lucy and her companions new clothes each time she is summoned.
  • Sagittarius: Acquired after completing her first S-class mission Sagittarius is an extremely talented archer. He uses arrows on foes with deadly accuracy. His personality is regal and is also obedient to Lucy.
  • Leo: Leo first appeared in the Series as Loki. Loki was believed to be a regular human until he revealed that he was actual a stellar spirit that turned his back on an abusive owner. He was about to fade away but Lucy convinced the king of the Spirit world to spare him. Loki then became her Stellar Spirit. Leo has shown a great degree of affection for Lucy and states he does things for her due to "love." Like Gray and Natsu he is a great hand to hand fighter and uses the Regulus Light magic for offensive spells.
Aries Spirit
  • Gemini: Gemini the Twins have the power to mimic any one that they see. They are also able to acquire that persons memory and thoughts. They are only able to stay in their transformed state for a short time and can only mimic a persononce.
  • Aries: Aries was revealed to be the Stellar spirit that Loki originally rebelled for. He has feelings for her as he attacked refused to listen to his original owner. Aries is quite timid and shy. Non the less she stays obedient to her summoner. She uses her wool for attacks like her wool bomb.
  • Scorpio: Scorpio was acquired from Angel. He was revealed to be Aquarius's boyfriend in the Stellar Spirit world. Notmuch is revealed about his personality besides his link with Aquarius. He uses the cannon on his tail to fire sand at hi enemies. His attack is called the Sand Buster (サンドバスタ─ Sando Basutā). He can combine his attacks Whit Taurus
  • Capricorn: Obtain for Zoldeo, this Spirit is for Meele combat and to much force, he was a Master for Lucy

Silver Keys

  • Crux: Is a cross that has the ability to scan others and discover their connections with Stellar Spirits. He first helped Lucy by discovering Loki's secret. He and Lucy They can communicate without need of Summon
  • Horologium: Hologrium is a clock that has defenses ability.Lucy uses sits inside him while he travels and talks for her. Hologrium seems to not possess any offensive abilities.
  • Lyra: Lyra is summoned for pure entertainment. She plays beautiful and hypnotizing music for Lucy and those who are around to hear. She enjoys the spotlight and playing for an audience.
  • Nikora: Summons a Canis Minor named Plue. Plue doesnt do much but he is seen throughout the manga . Plue is acharacter that appears in the authors first manga Rave Master. As stated he only serves as fan service.


Lucy using Sex appeal

Birthday: July 1, X767

Gender: Female

Height: unknown

Weight: 47kg (103 lbs)

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Brown


Lucy at first comes off as someone who uses her looks to get by, and sometimes does but she has a passion for literature. She also very stable and and saner compared to the other members of the guild. She is seen wearing many different costumes granting her the name Cosplay Queen. She also treat her Spirits with great respect unlike most Stellar mages that have appeared in the series. On top of respecting her spirits she also has an undying loyalty to the guild . She will do anything to help her fellow Nakama even if it means hurting herself in the process. She is usually seen paired with Natsu and Happy when going on missions. She is also an active member of team Erza.

Team Natsu

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