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Brief History

Lucius was a just, but hard ruler of a former Roman settlement seemingly lost in time. They had no contact with the outside world, and thus lived like the Romans used to. When the New Mutants encountered this settlement, the first thing Lucius thought of was to kill them. The witch Selene had been manipulating the rulers of the small settlement into doing her bidings and wanted to get rid of all the new mutants that came to her town. The New Mutants luckily intervened and put Selene to rest. It was however obvious that Lucius daughter, was a mutant as well. She took on the codename Magma and joined the New Mutants. Lucius could only hope his daughter was in good hands. Some years later, Lucius daughter returned to her home with Empath, a mutant member of the New Mutants's rival team the Hellions.

Other versions

Another version of Lucius is seen in the New Mutants Forever mini-series.

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