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Brief History

Lucifer is from an alien race that wants to conquer the Earth and enslave humanity.  He first met Professor X long before the X-Men were formed in a city called Tibet.  Lucifer had mentally captured all the Tibetan citizens for his own purposes.  Xavier arrived at Tibet and incited rebellion to save the villagers.  After a brief fight, Lucifer hurled an enormous rock which crushed Xavier's body. From the impact and shock of this injury, Xavier is paralyzed.  Years later, Professor X and Lucifer meet again in Europe.  Xavier, with the help of his X-Men, defeat Lucifer but allow him to escape.  The pair meet yet again, when Lucifer mentally controls Unus and Blob to rob a bank disguised as X-Men. The X-Men track Lucifer's mental waves to a cave in the Southeast Desert, where the team fights and defeat Lucifer soundly.  After many failures the Supreme One, Lucifer's boss, becomes enraged at Lucifer's lack of success against the X-men.  Lucifer is then exiled by the Supreme One forever.

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