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"The Writing on the Wall," a one-shot tale of adventure, begins in Lucifer's cosmos when a beautiful, teenaged centaur dreams about the imminent danger that the Lightbringer will face. Deciding to carry a warning to him, she undertakes the long and perilous journey to the mythical land of Los Angeles. But her encounter with the denizens of Tinseltown - not to mention her Maker - are not at all what she was expecting.

This issue focuses on a flashback of events that took place in Paradiso, except this story is told from the viewpoint of a character previously unknown to the reader. Esa-Kira, a young centaur of Lucifer's lands receives a prophetic vision of Lucifer's downfall which was depicted last issue. She seeks to find his abode in "man's land" and eventually arrives there where she writes her warning on the wall. When she returns to her home however she finds Lucifer has done nothing after about sixty years and grows upset, returning to the Lux she erases her message but is caught in the act by Lucifer. She explains herself but as she is about to tell him the message she had written he cuts her off, proving his stubborness was indeed his downfall as soon after The Basanos destroy him.







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