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"Triptych: The Ancestral Deed" ? the third of three linked but freestanding stories. Having succeeded in creating his own cosmos, Lucifer now re-enacts Genesis to builda race of beings in his own image. But every garden needs its serpent, and an old adversary infiltrates Lucifer's Eden with an agenda of corruption and ruin.

Lucifer brings life to his creation, making his Adam and Eve, in a story often paralleling that of the Biblical creation, except in this version Lucifer is God, and although their is still a Serpent, it is actually one of the seraphs of Heaven, but not Lucifer. Lucifer tries to teach his men and women the truth, making them those who strive for what is right, but in the end both of them fail after the Serpent's whisperings and beg him for death, so he grants it, saying that he at least figured out his humans would not be able to survive the "evils" of Heaven or its Host, meaning "The Serpent" who was actually a pawn of Lucifer's, even though he himself was unaware of it and thought he was outsmarting Lucifer.

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The Story of Genesis...Mike Carey Style!‏ 0

Okay, now, for those of you who don't know your mythologies and religious tales, and all those great works of fiction, well, this might not be so enjoyable for you. But for people like myself, who happen to love reading over these classic tales this comic is a treat. Now maybe its just the story that was chosen, or maybe it's the extent to which it was twisted, but when I read this issue for the first time it blew my mind! Without a doubt, this comic is one of the finest single issues I ha...

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