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In Part 2 of the 3-part "Paradiso," Elaine flees a shapeless assassin through the tunnels of London's underground, and the Basanos moves to annex Lucifer's Cosmos. Meanwhile, Lucifer himself is fatally distracted by a declaration of war - from Mazikeen.

Elaine's savior comes in the form of the fallen cherub Gaudium, doing his best to save her from Cestis, he does not do his job well, but it is enough. As for Jill, she is manipulated by the Basanos and eventually led to a doorway into Lucifer's realm. The Basanos take advantage of Lucifer's time difference between the universes so that Lucifer's creation ages thousands of years while Yahweh's does only seconds, until at last they decide its time to take over Lucifer's creation, and make it their own. As for Lucifer himself, he argues with Mazikeen, the leader of the Lilim, telling her that her people are not allowed in his realm...she grows angry...and seems lost at what she must now do.

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