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#51 Posted by Asymmetrical (23748 posts) - - Show Bio
TheDrifter said:
"aztek the lost said:
"TheDrifter said:
"Well, I read the first issue"
...I take it made no sense to you either first time around? :P"

I got nothing :P"
well in time you will understand it my young Padawan

pats his head

but now I must leave...I'm hungry...and I smell food
#52 Posted by TheDrifter (24789 posts) - - Show Bio


Respond to PM first

#53 Posted by Asymmetrical (23748 posts) - - Show Bio
TheDrifter said:

Respond to PM first"

leaves for real
#54 Posted by Final Arrow (24322 posts) - - Show Bio

One of the best comics out there. Get it read sooooooooo better then sandman. OH gasp he said it out loud:p

#55 Posted by Darkchild (42051 posts) - - Show Bio
Final Arrow said:
"One of the best comics out there. Get it read sooooooooo better then sandman. OH gasp he said it out loud:p"
Bitch take that back
#56 Posted by Morpheus_ (29910 posts) - - Show Bio
Well, I'm sure a fan. How couldn't I? As I'm a fan of almost anything from Vertigo that I've read.
#57 Posted by Hatman (1 posts) - - Show Bio

 Jeez, was beginning to think I was the only person on the internet who'd actually read this series :P This place was bizarrely hard to find on Google... page after page of comic wikis with only a paragraph at most about Lucifer, no sites I could find, hardly anything on wikipedia... anyway.
My first encounter with the series was a long time ago, when I was about 10-11. I picked up Children and Monsters from my local library because it looked cool (they had a pretty good but very random comics selection) and I think it might have scarred and corrupted my youth forever. So after reading Sandman a few weeks ago, I figured, hey, why not... and devoured the whole series in the span of a week or two. Might be partly nostalgia talking, but I think I might... I might like it better than Sandman. Though I haven't re-read that one yet, so opinions might change.
But yeah, this was an amazing comic. Slightly iffy on the absolute ending, though. (spoilers follow)

 Lucifer is driven by infinite will, is infinite will, and then once everything's resolved, he just up and leaves creation forever, in order to... stop existing? It left me kind of confused, it didn't really seem to mesh with his character. Yeah, it was the ultimate act of escaping from creation, but as far as I can tell, when it comes down to it, he basically just commits suicide.

#58 Posted by m0ntyb0y (1497 posts) - - Show Bio

Lucifer is something special, no comic I ever read hooked me as much as Lucifer did, the story drew me in more than any other comic managed to do, the story-telling was on a different level, most comics I read  have nice art but lack an interesting, deep, mature, memorable, thoroughly engrossing story
Lucifer really showed me how much potential a comic has in skilled hands
Since I read Lucifer, I've been reading Sandman. It's good too, but in my opinion, not as good as Lucifer

#59 Posted by Primmaster64 (21663 posts) - - Show Bio
@aztek the lost: you know what's ironic...we like the devil in this comic.

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