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"Inferno," Part 4 of 4. The Inferno story arc concludes with Lucifer and Amenadiel finally clashing in the arena. The fate of Effrul and the sovereignty of Hell hang in the balance, and the Morningstar is all out of options. Unless in the vast web of betrayals and double bluffs there's one man in Hell who keeps his word...

The long awaited duel between Lucifer and Amenadiel finally begins! Of course Lucifer's loss seems imminent as he is powerless and Amenadiel possesses all the power he's ever had and more, thanks to a mystical device Rudd has supplied him with containing a piece of Lucifer, so that he can be located. So, Amenadiel easily finds Lucifer and the blood starts to fly as he rips out Lucifer's heart and devours it, as is customary.

Than Lucifer's own cunning comes into play when he reveals that was actually the cherub...and in return he rips out Amenadiel's heart and eats it himself. So, the duel ends, Lucifer the victor but Remiel intrudes demanding Lucifer die for he cheated in not having his heart in the Colosseum, but it is revealed it was his heart in the device Amenadiel had used. Remiel however is still set upon Lucifer's execution.

Meanwhile, the Great Scoria attempts to rape Mazikeen only for her to outwit him and use his own minions to destroy him, giving Susano time to escape, however it is not enough time for when she is finished with Scoria she chases after Susano, driving him into the molten moat that surrounds Scoria's fortresses, taking the two feathers with him, accidentally destroying them. So it is that Lucifer's full powers are restored to him and back in Hell he explodes with energy, leaving Remiel behind to look the fool and going on his way.

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