aztek_the_lost's Lucifer #9 - Children and Monsters Prelude review

A Prelude of Things to Come

This issue served its purpose quite well actually as a prelude, because the story seemingly had nothing to do with the series at all and its progression until the ending, more or less even the last now we know that something likely titanic is about to take place. In fact, the story introduced new characters, focused on them and had very little to do with the plot that had been established, or so it seemed. But then, we get our first glimpse of Lucifer in the issue when the main character of this issue is drawn to the Void and he stops her...only to have her beg him for death, an offer which he refuses. So she goes on her quest to seek out death from the gods that punished her and instead destroys them with...her child. This is where things get interesting as Lucifer comes to her again and this time grants her death in return for her strange and mysterious, unborn child.


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