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New regular artist Peter Gross (THE BOOKS OF MAGIC) makes his debut with Part 1 of the 4-part "The House of Windowless Rooms." Lucifer must set aside his power and his immortality to journey to the Japanese underworld in search of his severed wings - the nest stage in his quest for divine power. Meanwhile, back at Lucifer's exclusive L.A. club, Mazikeen guards the gateway in the void, unaware she's about to host an unearthly gathering of apocalyptic proportions.

New stories begin as Mazikeen is left at the Lux to defend it from all who wish to enter the Void, Amenadiel makes a return, and the Jin En Mok enter town. Lucifer however is doing other things and has temporarily given up his immortality and powers to enter the Realm of the Windowless Rooms. Now demanding the return of his wings, he will be forced to rely on his wit when the Sons of Izanami assign one of their servants to assassinate Lucifer.

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