aztek_the_lost's Lucifer #3 - A Six Card Spread, Part 3 of 3 review

Character Development

Okay, this issue was awesome and finally began an action-packed story, now that we were introduced to the characters this issue finally showed who they are and I was not disappointed in the least.

First on my list of improved characters and/or stories is Karl, in this issue we see that he truly does regret what he did to his friend who trusted him. We also see him not only pay for what he did but being given a second chance. All in all it is just a good story about deciding what truly matters to you.

As for Jill Presto, we learn her depressing origins as well as see her become the Angel of Judgment (sort of) as she deals out vengeance upon Eckerhart, Erich and Gunter for their actions towards Jayesh...sparing Karl as he had left. However, the power proves to be intoxicating for her and she welcomes The Basantos to become her allies...something I can't wait to see progress.

As for Lucifer, I saw an entirely new side to him, a man full of anger...and power. The feats he performs in this issue are astounding and only help him in his race to swiftly becoming my favorite character.


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